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Anti-gay filth beyond belief: Public radio host Warren Olney uses Penn State scandal to debate whether gays are fit to raise kids

The Penn State situation has allowed anti-gay bigots to take another whack at the “gays-are-child molesters” piñata (see Alvin’s post about the deranged, homo-obsessed fringe bigot Peter LaBarbera, “Scapegoating gay men for the Penn State tragedy“), however, when you hear hate-filled, fact-free garbage that has nothing to do with this scandal being heaped on LGBT parents on the public airwaves, something has to be done.

On nationally syndicated Public Radio International program To The Point, host Warren Olney saw fit to devote the entire program, “After Penn State: Foster Care and Who Makes a Good Parent?” to “connecting” the parenting of accused child rapist Jerry Sandusky to all gay and lesbian parents’ fitness to raise children. What on earth is the purported connection? Sandusky “adopted many children and took in foster children.” (Gawker):

The show began with a gay parent from L.A. who spoke for about a minute about how stringent the interviewing process was before he and his partner were allowed to adopt a daughter. Then Olney introduced Jerry Cox, president of Arkansas’ Family Council, a conservative group that unsuccessfully petitioned the state to pass a law that would prevent any child in the system from entering a foster home unless it was headed by “a married man and woman.” The state Supreme Court shot it down.

So the stage is set; a professional bible based anti-gay bigot has the mic, and Olney lets him run free for several minutes regurgitating the same bogus claptrap that objective studies have debunked over and over, now twisted for extra effect by adding the salacious, disgusting, clearly unlawful child rape case.

The gold standard is that the best place for a child to grow up is in a stable home with a loving mother and father. Our position is that if the state is going to take children into custody, it ought to put children in the best homes possible…These children have been damaged, and need a stable home more than any child out there.What does the research and common sense show? You’re going to put them in a home with a loving mother and father.

I find it interesting that we talk about the Penn State situation, and then when we talk about people who claim to have these rights to adopt or foster; in both cases, the children’s rights get put in second place. If you give the rights to the adults, the children will be compromised.”

[On whether or not loving same-sex-parents homes might be preferable to being trapped in the system:] “If those are the only two choices —child be institutionalized or in a same-sex home — I would like to challenge this and say, maybe the state can do better than that. I blame the state for that. These children need a place to recover.

This is sick. Olney and Public Radio International (Contact Page here) owe the public an apology for letting this heinous rant air unchallenged. The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) needs to be all over this.

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