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1% Is A State Of Mind

The Reverend Dr. Janet Edwards’ piece in HuffPo today on standing with the OWS protesters as a member of the 1%, and the ridiculous attack on Elizabeth Warren as some kind of hypocrite for being a one-percenter who stands up for the poor and middle class, are useful reminders that the 1% is anything but a monolithic group.  Some of them are truly decent human beings who believe in justice and fairness, and they are more than welcome to stand with the rest of us.

As Edwards observes, “the distinction between the 1 percent and the 99 percent is less economic and more about community, connection and compassion for the suffering experienced by so many right now.”  So while talking about the 1% and the 99% is a useful demographic shorthand, the Occupy protests really aren’t about protesting against wealthy people in general, just the callous greedy ones and the power they so selfishly wield.

As conservatives never tire of telling us, some rich people do make their money by creating value or beauty.  But conservatives rarely mention all the other rich people who make their money by destroying value, preying on the weak, and corrupting the government.  They are the parasites who drag this country down and waste its resources and potential, not seniors or immigrants or the unemployed.

Today’s poster boy for the ugly side of the 1%: Republican MI-SEN candidate Clark Durant.

In regards to the Occupy Wall Street movement, Durant said the protesters should “go find a job.” In regards to the wealth gap the movement decries, Durant said, “I think it should be wider.”

I can’t think of a better summation of the 1% mindset than those two quotes right there.  That is what we’re fighting against.

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