Right-Wingers Running “Little Bit Nutty, Little Bit Slutty” Playbook on Cain Accusers

Pictured: Herman Cain's accusers, reimagined by wingnuts. (by RodBegbie)

Knowing that wingnuts are experts at running the attack-the-messenger playbook, I was looking around this morning for how they’re reacting to the latest Pizza Guy accuser — and they didn’t disappoint.

NY Post:

Gold diggers — unite!

Sharon Bialek is 50, out of work and, according to one who knows her, she’s a smooth operator living way above her means.

Faux News:

[Pater] Doocy stated that Kraushaar had “a history of problems at work.” Doocy then described an Associated Press article that reported that Kraushaar had also made a complaint about unfair treatment at a subsequent job, three years after her complaint against Cain. Running underneath the report, on-screen text stated “A Serial Complainer?”


I remember her as a time-waster, and rabble-rouser. If she didn’t get her way she cried about sexual harassment”.

Glenn Reynolds (quoting the Chicago-Sun Times):

“They hugged each other backstage in a full embrace like old friends. She grabbed his arm and whispered in his left ear. . . . ‘It looked sort of flirtatious.’”

Dick Morris:

“This woman is in search of money. … This woman has been unemployed for 13 years, and this is apparently payday. … I look forward to her spread in Playboy.

El Rushbo:

Gloria Allred says her name is Buy-A-Lick, as in [slurp, slurp] Buy-A-Lick…There’s no ‘R’ in the name so you can’t say it’s Rent-A-Lick.”

Yep, it’s Anita Hill all over again.

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