A man of few facts and many chins. (by Gage Skidmore)

Here’s CNN’s Erick Erickson, expertly handicapping the 2012 Republican presidential nominees’ chances against the president.

I do not really know, but have always liked Newt Gingrich. I think Newt Gingrich could beat Barack Obama.

(Latest Real Clear Politics poll average: Newt trails Obama by 10.7%.)

I know and like Rick Perry tremendously and I think that not only could he beat Barack Obama, but that he would beat Obama and be an excellent President conservatives would not feel the need to fight against every step of the way.

(Latest RCP average: the Secessionist trails Obama by 9.2%.)

I know and like Herman Cain tremendously and I think that should he survive this latest problem with his campaign, he would come out of it much, much stronger and could beat Barack Obama and be an excellent President.

(Latest RCP average: the Pizza Guy trails Obama by 7.4%.)

I really do believe that MItt [sic] Romney cannot beat Barack Obama.

(Latest RCP average: Willard trails Obama by…wait for it…1.7%. And Obama and Romney are currently tied in the swing states.)

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Blue Texan

Blue Texan