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Politics: And Abusive Relationships

Ever watch a friend in a abusive relationship clinging beyond reason to the hope that somehow “things will get better?”   Personally, I have stood by and watched good people allow the lions’ share of their lives to be consumed in dysfunctional  relationships. Year after year they would proclaim, “things will get better”,  “he/she will change”, or worse yet, “I can change him/her!”  It is such a sad commentary on the human condition that cutting our losses and moving on is considered failure.

There comes a time when any reasonable human being understands (without malice or ill will) that remaining in a dysfunctional relationship is counter productive to both parties.  Generally speaking Liberals and Conservatives are working to build vastly different futures for generations yet unborn.  Diametrically opposed   philosophies  find less and less common ground.   I agree that “compromise” is necessary for diverse groups to live together; but at what point does compromise neutralize any forward progress?

Health Care:

In order for them to win on health care we must surrender our very lives, health and the well being of our loves ones to their “free market”.


Nothing short of a union free, “right to work” State/Country will ever appease our Calvinistic, Puritanical counter parts.  We view earning a living as a human right;  they see it as a privilege earned through competition.

War &  Peace:

Remember back when  we assumed that the future would be better then the present?  Back when everyone would have a flying car and a jet-pack?  There was a time when popular culture depicted the future as a time when humanity would work out most of our primitive  problems and move on to a golden age of shared prosperity and  unity (the Star Trek  future).  These days, the best we can hope for is Armageddon on steroids!  It is shown to us as  “Road Warriors”,  Nuclear Winter,  The Rapture,  “Zombie’s gone wild”, endless war on “Terror”……

Naomi Klein once said that the right is locked in to “rebooting” humanity. Armageddon, the Rapture, the great flood  are all variations of the same theme; wipe humanity clean (getting rid of the “others”)  and start  over.  Unlike Liberals who want to fix, tweak and enhance humanity without mass murder, Conservatives are philosophically locked into mass extinction events.

At what point will we look for a way out of this relationship?





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