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Plutocracy Files – Island Style Edition

Hey, everybody.  First post here.  FDL is da best!

Been living in Honolulu for a few years, and thought I’d post some first-hand impressions/tidbits on the APEC (Association of Exploitative People or something) get-together going down here in our fair isle this week.  One of my favorite things about the nets (after the animal baby videos) are all the first-person accounts of real-time events – unedited, unfiltered, biased.  I’m pretty darn busy with work, surprisingly, so these accounts will be mostly second-hand, but hopefully they will give a little of the flavor that will probably be missing in the official accounts…

The meet-up gets started tomorrow, but preparations have been going down for some time.  First order of business was to kick all the homeless out of Waikiki.  That seems to have gone well – the beaches are now double-stuffed with tents and overtime cop chaperones…Also, for a broke city, a bunch of money was garnered up to prettify things – the main crappy road in from the airport now has a bunch of transplated stressed-out palms from Molok’ai….And they’ve turned off all the highway traffic cams for the week, I guess for security – the TV news is asking citizens to send in tweets of traffic jams…All this is to be expected, I suppose…

What’s so shocking is how non-chalant everybody has been/is being.  Hawai’i is known for being casual about a lot of stuff, but it’s really amazing to watch the acquiesence of the mass of the population as they welcome their putative slavemasters.  Thousands of years of being brainwashed into being mindlessly subservient to authority sure has paid off!  People seemingly willingly worked so hard to make everything so nice for these asshats – I’m going to say that the progamming has been a smashing success!

Sorry this is so short – It’s a little late here, and I’ve got to get to bed.  Terrible Obama is supposedly coming home later in the week, which sucks.  So I’ll keep you posted.  I was there for the Battle in Seattle.  With about 60 politically conscious folks out here, I’m afraid the totally misnamed MOTU’s are probably going to have a lovely week in paradise…

Good morning, mainland!

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