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2011 Election Day Roundup

VA State Senate (as of 11:15PM EST)
20 Democrats
20 Republicans

OH Issue 2
Retain: 38.3%
Repeal: 61.7%

MS Initiative 26
Yes: 42%
No: 58%

ME Question 1
Retain: 40.5%
Repeal: 59.5%

AZ Recall
Pearce: 45.3%
Lewis: 53.3%
(Total write-in votes: 51)

Yes, that’s right: Just because there are no federal elections going on (aside from the David Wu-replacement Democratic primary), doesn’t mean nothing’s at stake today.  With an assist from ThinkProgress, here’s a list of some of the goings-on tonight:

  • Virginia State Senate: Republicans are three seats away from taking control and dragging VA back to the stone age.  (Polls closed at 7PM EST)
  • Ohio Issue 2: This is the referendum on SB5, the law that stripped public employee unions from the right to collectively bargain for benefits or pensions, or to strike for any reason at all.  It’s a damn shame that the conservative American Future Fund’s stupid robocall vendor screwed up so that all their calls to union members telling them to vote “tomorrow” went out today. (7:30PM)
  • Mississippi Initiative 26: This is the “Personhood Amendment” that would define all fertilized eggs as persons, effectively making abortion illegal, and possibly in vitro fertilization and some types of birth control.  It is so batshit insane that even the Catholic Church and National Right to Life oppose it. (8PM)
  • Maine Question 1: This is the referendum on the right-wing governor and legislature’s repeal of same-day voter registration.  Opponents are shamelessly playing the “gay agenda” homophobia card. (8PM)
  • Arizona Russell Pearce Recall: Hey, remember SB-1070?  Russell Pearce was its sponsor, and he’s facing a recall today.  Unfortunately, his opponent is also a Republican, but presumably a less evil and racist one.  Pearce’s Tea Party pals are robocalling Latino voters to encourage them to “protest this one-sided [all-Republican] election by writing in your own candidate.”  Helpful teabaggers are helpful! (9PM)
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