Pictured: the Teabaggers' dream ticket (by JBrazito)

On Sunday, Liz Cheney got very snippy with Bob Schieffer for reporting on the Pizza Guy’s harassment scandal — and then dropped this whopper:

You know, Barack Obama likes to talk about what he inherited. He inherited a victory in Iraq. He inherited a triple-A bond rating. And right now you have got a situation where, frankly, he is going down the wrong path on all of these issues.

This is what Liz Cheney’s “victory” looks like: since Obama took office in 2009, 262 Americans have been killed in Iraq. And with regards to the other war her father screwed up, we’ve lost another 1,201 men and women.

And to this day, none of the bile-spewing, privileged spawn of Dick Cheney were actually doing any of the actual fighting and dying in either country.

As for the triple-A bond rating, that’s a bit like Hooverites bragging about how little debt FDR inherited in 1933.

Blue Texan

Blue Texan