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Dispatches from Lafayette Park


photo: Scott Ableman via Flickr

Scarecrow is down near the White House, getting ready to take part in #Surround the White House with ten thousand other good citizens, here are a few of his dispatches:

12:42 pm-

Found a Corner Bakery with wifi and breakfast, just two blocks from The White House. On my way from the Metro, I walked through Occupy DC, where a band was playing waiting for a run or walk for, or rather against, cancer. Checked out the activities board, and it seems today’s event is an encirclement of the White House, which begins over at Lafayette Park about 1:30 or so. So I walked completely around the White House.

Lots of tourists out, this morning, taking pictures. It took me about a half hour to get all the way around. Stopped by the Park, where the organizers are setting up for a concert to warm up the crowd before the speeches.. All 17 of them! start about 2:00. I introduced myself to and talked to the coordinator, who said they now expect over ten thousand, about twice as many as they originally hoped. gorgeous fall day. The white smoke should be clearly visible if this comes off.


12:46 pm-

Forgot to mention. The last time smoke was seen from this block was when Cheney’s safe was on fire. That’s where he hid the minutes from the Energy Task Force, which made today’s encirclement necessary.

12:54 pm-

At the park, people were starting to gather, especially those who arrived early from out to town. In front of Andrew Jackson’s statute on a horse, a group of over a hundred people who had bussed down from Williams college in Mass, was taking a group photo. They were thrilled to be here. So, after the photo they all wanted to walk down to the Washington Monument before the rally. Bunch of damn unpatriotic hippies, for sure.

Walked by the fence in front of the WH, because as we all know, people who commit crimes always return to the scene, and I had once sat on the sidewalk here, so . . .


12:59 pm-

I looked all over for my favorite SWAT team, Sgt. Stoudamire and the Lt. who oversaw the arrests of the Tarsands 65. And the arrests of Dan Choi and friends earlier. Was hoping Stoudamire would join us. The police presence is much lighter than last time, at least so far, and the street in front is open for now.


01:06 pm-

You have to wonder how police would
even think of handling 10,000 people who encircled the WH. It’s a sign they don’t really fear a threat from this group, which already had 1252 people arrested. Otherwise, they wouldn’t let it even get started.


02:26 pm-

Saw a lot of signs with direct quotes from Obama such as “Unchecked, climate change will pose unacceptable risk to our security, our economies and our planet.” and “When special interests put their thumb on the scale and distort the free market, the people who compete by the rules come in last.”

I’ll post more as I get them.

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