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Mrs. Eleanor Gilman of Dublin, Ohio has no qualms about popping a cap in your bitch ass

As part of Washington Test Prep Newsletter Post’s war against The Olds and The Poors they have recently taken the fight to the front page where they printed outright lies about Social Security and, when called upon it, shoved staff weasel out the front door and onto the porch to do that weaseling thing that he is paid to do for a skeptical audience. To say the he has been Pfotenhaueresque in his pfailures is pfutting it mildly.

Taking a cue from rightwing bloggers who have attempted to demonize the Occupy Wall Street Movement as a bunch of smelly violent rapey drum-beating anti-Semitic ACORN communists, the WaPo unleashes the Hounds of Hiatt upon the old, the sick, and the standing-up-for-themselves:

THE WORD “THUGGISH” comes to mind. “I’m not a number,” says the older man in a television ad funded by the seniors’ lobby AARP. “I’m not a line item on a budget. And I’m definitely not a pushover.” He walks toward the camera, joined by a growing mob. “But I am a voter. So Washington, before you even think about cutting my Medicare and Social Security benefits, here’s a number you should remember: 50 million.” Subtle — no. Effective — no doubt. Responsible — no way.

The crunch time for the congressional supercommittee has arrived, and with it comes a new round of self-centered, shortsighted intransigence on the part of AARP and its fellow don’t-touch-my-benefits purists. This unyielding position, undergirded by a multimillion-dollar ad campaign, is as wrongheaded as the equivalent line-drawing of Grover Norquist and the no-new-taxes crowd.

That’s right. The growing “mob” of “thuggish” Olds are getting all up in America’s grill when there are important decisions to be made about destroying the social safety net as well as tearing up that agreement we made with them back in ’35, and then amended in ’39, where the Olds gave us money when they were Youngs and we agreed to keep it until they needed it. Well, a funny thing happened, and we kind of borrowed some of that money and blew it on candy and toys and  wars and  after-tax benefits to General Electric and now we don’t have it and  we don’t want to pay it back anymore. I mean we could,  if we returned to the tax rates under Ike (remember him? such a nice man with a nice smile) but that would be communism and remember how hard Ike fought communism?  No, that will never do.

So maybe the AARP should just step off jack, possibly even hire someone who is a little more open to compromise. Maybe that nice young man with the sincere blue eyes, Paul Ryan. I hear he has a Medicaid plan that includes coupons from Groupon good for valuable discounts on dialysis and hip replacements and, God knows, you Olds love your coupons….

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