Adultery Off Limits At Cain-Gingrich Steel Cage Adulterers-Only Deathmatch

Representatives for both Herman “The Sperminator” Cain  and Newt “Eatin’ Ain’t Cheatin‘” Gingrich camps have negotiated a “no blows below the belt” rule for their Texas TeaParty blatherfest:

The two-man debate between GOP presidential candidates Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich had one off-limit topic – the decade-old sexual harassment allegations that have dogged Cain’s campaign.

Tea party organizers of Saturday night’s event in Texas said that matter, which consumed the GOP race this past week, was off the table. That would seem to be welcome news to Cain as he tries to refocus on issues such as the future of Social Security and Medicare – expected points of discussion with Gingrich.

Well that’s pretty lame; like making the teams in the Super Bowl play flag football.

And for those of you wondering why Mitt Romney wasn’t invited, it is technically not adultery when you cheat on your wife with one of your other wives.

Sorry. Them’s the rules…

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