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Whistleblower finds no appropriate avenue for disclosing DoD wrongdoing

A reader and DoD whistleblower, Douglas Kinan, responds to [my] inquiry about [former Special Counsel] Scott Bloch’s prosecution:

In case you are wondering about some of the conduct Bloch covered up, see the attached [victim impact statement submitted to Magistrate Judge Robinson, who is presiding over Bloch’s case].

The criminal activity you read about has been verified by the FBI and the DOJ, but they have no interest in investigating the biggest promotion fixing scheme in the history of the federal government subsidized by billions of tax dollars.  Read it for yourself.

In a followup email requesting permission to post the above, Mr. Kinan writes, with permission to post the following:

[The] victim impact statement was sent with the permission of the prosecutor, Glenn Leon.  And, in a follow up email, he thanked me for sending it to Judge Robinson.

This author recalls when a number of whistleblowers sent victim impact statements to the court. However, a review of the docket no longer contains any impact statements and, instead, yields the following entry:

03/30/2011 Leave to File Denied by Magistrate Judge Deborah A. Robinson. Victim Impact Statements (7), “Statements does not relate to this case pending in this district.” (hsj,) (Entered: 03/30/2011)

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