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Watercooler: N-I-M-R-O-D

We’re not talking yer high school epithet here. We’re talking Elgar. Sir Edward Elgar. Let’s have Danny and the crew ‘splain a little bit musically, and I’ll continue underneath the video.

Elgar, like many musicians, loved anagrams, puzzles, complex themes and people.

A lot.

So the piece above is the 9th of the 14 Enigma Variations, where each variation describes a friend – well, partially anyways.

And may I say I myself have been a big NIMROD this week with the Watercoolers. There is one consistent theme with each of this weeks Watercoolers, from Halloween to this particular choice of music.

1,000 Quatloos to the correct guesser!

(Hint: the answer is not a person, place or thing – it’s a concept. So  – no one will like the answer since it’s in my warped little mind! Hurling Nimrod as an epithet toward me will be cheerfully accepted by me, but only to actual guessers! Play on…)

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Kelly Canfield

Kelly Canfield