Herman Cain (above); NOM’s Brian Brown (below)

What do anti-gay National Organization for Marriage (NOM) and Herman Cain have in common? Cain’s legal team consists of Sarah Troupis, Scott Bieniek and Joseph LaRue, three attorneys who until very recently worked for NOM’s bigshot GOP lawyer James Bopp, according to the Wall Street Journal‘s Legal Blog.

While under Bopp’s employ at James Madison Center for Free Speech they worked on NOM-linked cases like Doe v. Reed, Family PAC v. McKenna and ProtectMarriage.com v. Bowen.

If the name James Bopp sounds familiar it’s because he’s the guy behind the case Citizens United v. FEC. In their 2010 ruling on Citizens United the US Supreme Court removed limits on campaign spending by corporations, unions and nonprofit groups but kept in place the requirement that the identities of campaign donors be disclosed to the public.

Bopp’s NOM-related cases seem to follow this model: use a ballot measure or legislative campaign about domestic partnerships or marriage equality as a vehicle for attacking campaign finance disclosure laws or other open government laws.

Here’s the question: What does this NOM-linked legal team tell us about Herman Cain?

Laurel Ramseyer

Laurel Ramseyer