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Twitter Controversies at OWS When Gaza Flotilla Boats Intercepted Thursday Raise Interesting Questions

Cindi Burkey

Cindi Burkey

Articles (some not so recent) that I've recently read and thought important:
Newly Released Documents And Testimony Strongly Suggest Bush Not Elected In 2004:

Gland closest to cheek (where cell phone is held) had a fourfold increase in tumors from 1976 to 2006. Other glands further inside showed no increase. Parotid (salivary) gland study further evidence people are getting sick from cell phone use.

21 Million cubic feet of radioactive waste sitting on unstudied fault lines in *unlined pits* inside and outside LANL:

Scientologists freaking out Texans in Corpus Christi with surveillance/harrassment of former high-ranking member:

Here's an article I wrote focusing on gun culture, and a link to my blog: