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Answers To Your Questions…Before You Ask Them!

1.  Yes, I’ve seen it.

2.  I was arrested for protesting against the Keystone Pipeline, so no, I don’t agree.

3.  Our advertising policy is the same as it’s been for the past seven years,  shared by most of the liberal blogosphere, and articulated quite well by Atrios in 2006:

I do not endorse all of the candidates, causes, products, organizations, books, movies, television shows, etc… that are advertised here. If I pick and choose ads then that means I’m implicitly endorsing the things advertised here, and that’s just not the case.

4.  If you’re new here and just getting used to being offended by ads, welcome. Since nobody’s charging you to be here, it helps to keep the lights on.

5.  Yes, it was incredibly tacky of AFL-CIO unions to go around to occupations throughout the midwest with us all last week, and ask us for help when Rahm was arresting their nurses in Chicago, and not tell us they were launching a pointed attack at us for being …  what is it?   “Hollywood elites,” the “one percent” who oppose the benevolent Keystone Pipeline.  Thanks for that, Rich Trumka. May the irony gods choose you for pipe nipple failure.  As long as we’re indulging in cheap stereotypes…

6.    mEybee sumWon kan reEed this Pole tu MeeESTR TrUMka {izza PeeDEEeff] so he Ken lern tat if  64 pursent dON’t liYke yer pIPLine  itz MOOre tHan oNE pursent en yUU donT get  Tuh pLAy teh pOpUList  m0hr lak  n OIL cuMpnee TOadee ..

7.  I’ll still be holding hands with Bill McKibben, Dan Choi, the Tar Sands arrestees and 5000 other folks as we surround the White House on November 6 to protest the Keystone pipeline. So no, the advertising hasn’t influenced us.

8.  Yes, Trumka is clearly trying to curry favor with the President by using his union “street cred” to get his pal off the hook for approving the pipeline by painting opponents as out-of-touch “elitists.”

9.  No, Trumka is the guy who just let 3 trade bills slide through that will offshore 200,000 real jobs because he was throwing the AFL’s weight behind a stunt jobs bill that will never pass, so it’s not the most embarrassing thing he’s done this month.

10.  Really looking forward to sleeping through that whole right-wing attack on “Barack Obama and corrupt union bosses” for using eminent domain to grab Nebraska ranch land on behalf of “foreign corporations.”  For once, they’ll be right.

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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