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Protect Marriage Washington provides a good belly laugh

I’m about to bust a gut laughing over Protect Marriage Washington’s latest Doe v. Reed court filing. In trying to get Federal District Court Judge Benjamin Settle to enjoin his own order that the Washington Secretary of State must release copies of the Referendum 71 petitions to the public as per the state’s Public Records Act, PMW actually admits that “disclosure cannot be undone once it occurs”.

Hey PMW, that’s our side’s argument, lol.

Public disclosure of the R-71 petitions by the Secretary of State’s office has already occurred 33 times. A temporary stay has halted further releases while the Court considers PMW’s present injunction request, but what’s done is done.

Among those who requested those 33 copies of the R-71 petitions were journalists and activists who have already re-released them online to the general public. The petitions are in the public domain and no stay on the Secretary of State or injunction of Judge Settle’s Order can reign them back in. As PMW admits, “disclosure cannot be undone once it occurs”.

Thank you, PMW, for proving that you haven’t a leg to stand on. Now please, stop wasting the taxpayers’ dime with frivolous court proceedings.

In 2009 PMW tried and failed to overturn Washington’s domestic partnership law via Referendum 71. Over 53% of the electorate voted their approval of the law, making Washington the first state in the nation to vote affirmatively in support of comprehensive relationship recognition for LGBT families.

* The Seattle Weekly posts file of Referendum 71 petition images
* Why is Protect Marriage Washington filing an emergency motion for secrecy after they’ve divulged their own identities?
* Judge rules: NOM-backed Protect Marriage Washington is not allowed to legislate in secret

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