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Occupy the Criminal Injustice System!

As we go about our business this morning, our spirits are lifted by the overnight news that the people of Occupy Oakland have succeeded in their goal of shutting down the Port of Oakland, gathering support and praise from union truck drivers on the scene, and even eliciting a generally sympathetic response from Port of Oakland authorities.

Power to the People!

Occupy Oakland has fast become the epicenter of  leftist political activism, a true rainbow coalition of the young, sprinkled with a seasoning of the seasoned, all actively standing up to the PTB on our behalf for our rights and our economic security.

Praise be to the brave Oakland Occupiers!

A large crowd estimated at 4,500 by the police and as many as 10,000 by media members on hand took the port peacefully late last night. Still later, a breakaway group of protestors exercised more demonstrative means of protest, occupying a building and smashing some bank windows near the Port area before the police arrested about 40.…

These protestors too deserve our support. Today, we will hear condemnation of this use of “violence” from some both inside and outside the movement. We can debate the right and the wrong of these actions but in them one can see echoes of the events that led to the very founding of the United States.

For what in fact was the Boston Tea Party (the original 18th Century version), anyway, but the destruction of property owned by a state-supported private company as a means for expressing political dissent?


The Boston Sons of Liberty were forthright in their defense of freedom, vigilant about tyranny and resolute about the common cause. They had good reasons for protesting the Tea Act and questioning the sovereignty of the British Parliament.

They were also, on occasion, a bunch of bullying jerks.The Bostonians tore down the houses of government officials in 1765, threw bricks at customs officers in 1768 and provoked fatal gunfire in the streets in 1770. They ostracized businessmen, threw mud at party guests and frightened women and children in their homes.

Then, in 1773, the Sons of Liberty turned their ire toward the East India Company’s hand-picked local agents and tried to pressure them into resigning. Radical newspaper writers promised that anyone who helped land the tea would face an unpleasant visit from “The Mohawks” or “The Committee for Tarring and Feathering.” After attacks on their homes and warehouses, Boston’s local tea agents feared for their lives to such a degree that they fled to an island in the harbor for military protection.

On the night of Dec. 16, 1773, dozens of men wrapped themselves in blankets and covered their faces in lampblack and soot. Desperate to keep the tea from being unloaded, they acted on principle but declined to show their faces. At the time, they hardly intended to set a revolution in motion.

These Bostonians boarded three privately owned ships and committed a blatant act of property destruction. During the event, the boarders stripped, kicked and cuffed an Irishman who had joined the tea party but then tried to pocket some tea for himself. For the next 50 years, the tea destroyers refused to reveal their identities, perhaps fearing civil suit but also worrying that their actions might not be worthy of universal acclaim.

No one was killed at the Boston Tea Party. For this reason, the event has inspired some of the world’s strongest advocates for civil disobedience, such as Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.


If any violence occurred last night in Oakland, it appears to have been exclusively visited upon the protestors. Overall, it appears the cops reacted primarily with self-restraint.

The police, we must remember, are merely the foot soldiers fronting for the rottenly corrupt US criminal justice system. They are paid by the community to defend the interests of the PTB. A day will come when some, maybe many will grow disgusted with themselves for living a contradiction, preserving power for the few while being chewed up and spit out by a system that doesn’t represent their interests, either.

The police are the most visible representation of the US criminal justice system but they are by no means the root cause or the instigators of the racialised heinousness that pervades the US, where African American drug users, who are proportionally the same in number as Caucasian drug users, are 9 times more likely to be incarcerated than are their white bong mates for victimless drug “crimes.”

And racial profiling is not limited to the US. Blacks in England are 26 times more likely to be stopped and searched by the police than are white blokes.…

The roots of modern systemic criminal injustice extend all the way back to the successful exploitation of the fear and paranoia of the “silent majority” by Richard Nixon and other conservative politicians who started the drug war and who planted the seeds of the criminal-industrial complex that today spends billions to rob millions of their freedom.

Furthermore, far from combatting the GOP political overreach in ensuing years, the Democratic Party, most noticeably under the nouveau 1%er Bill Clinton, not only has cynically supported the CIC in exchange for votes and campaign contributions, but expanded the reach of injustice throughout the 50 state court systems.…

It is time for our new vocal majority, the 99%, we the people, to raise our voices against the ongoing state-sponsored war against the poorest minourities and the working classes.

Criminal injustice is a moral issue, a social and an economic issue. It is a national tragedy that makes a farce of the US Government’s demands of other countries to reform their own heinous practices of civil rights abuse.

End the detention of victimless drug offenders.

Repeal drug laws.

Repeal the death penalty.

Hold Prosecutors accountable for discovering the truth through the judicial process, not for “winning” convictions in court.

Reach out and educate your friends and family today.

Get involved!





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