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Former SEC attorney Jacob S. Frenkel of Shulman Rogers owes SEC whistleblower Darcy Flynn an apology

Here’s a Rolling Stone article about Securities and Exchange Commission whistleblower Darcy Flynn, who alleged SEC was improperly destroying documents.

Here’s what former SEC attorney Jacob S. Frenkel publicly said about Flynn:

…[O]ne of the things that I always look at is, and looked at when I was at the agency is, “Where does that information come from? Does the person who is providing that information have a bone to pick with the agency?” I’m rather curious about how an enforcement lawyer who left the agency to dabble in real estate comes back into records management. Why did he leave? And who is his lawyer? Somebody who himself was a significant complainant to Congress.

So, I mean, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most credible and 1 being the least credible, I mean, from what I know about what I’ve read in Matt’s article, which is really the extent of my source of information, my gut is telling me, this is a 1 on the credibility rating.

Here’s the SEC Inspector General report vindicating Flynn.

Frenkel owes Flynn an apology.

More here and here.

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