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Black Bloc — or Black Water?

The so-called Black Bloc that tried to disrupt Occupy Oakland on November 2, 2011, might not have been an anarchist group after all. After carefully studying a CBS News video of the Black Bloc’s attack on Whole Foods, there is one conclusion that is very easy to reach.

The Black Bloc looks and acts like a SWAT team.

The only question that remains is, “Whose SWAT team is it?” Hint: Not ours.

Perhaps “Black Bloc” is only a partially correct name for this group. Perhaps “Black Water” might be an even better moniker for them.

According to Global Research, this wouldn’t be the first time that agent provocateurs have been used at citizen protests against the nefarious One Percent. ”A union leader called out a group of ‘black bloc anarchists’ who were picking up rocks [at a Canadian demonstration in June 2010]. The real black bloc protesters were shouting ‘POLICIER! POLICIER’, the would-be-rock throwers got up and cozy with the cops in the hats and bats, and quickly got themselves ‘arrested’ (and treated very gently by the police I might add.’ Turns out they were wearing the same brand of boot that the riot cops were wearing.”

“But, Jane, you’re just being paranoid,” you might say. Nah. We already know that these One Percent dudes are capable of doing ANYTHING to win. Fix elections, bomb countries, support dictators, steal from the Middle Class, plunder pensions, assassinate democratic heads of state, rig the stock market…. Why would they bother to start playing by the rules now?

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Jane Stillwater

Jane Stillwater