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“The Beginning is Near”

The Beginning is Near

One thing I love about this movement is the creativity of signs. I just love ’em. It’s truly an artform unto itself. I heard from Amy Goodman on the Charlie Rose show mention that the pizza boxes in Zuccotti Park are being used to create signs.

How green and metaphorical is that?

The narrative is changing. Bank of America eliminates a fee. Small stuff. But this thing is growing.

And when the Congressional Budget Office explains that the gulf between the haves and have nots is growing, the Occupy movement gets even more credibility (as if it really required it).

A quick Google search on Occupy Wall Street within last 24 hours revealed the following links in the top 12 or so hits. Yeah. I’d say the narrative is changing….

Millions and Millions Served. Just for kicks, I typed “Occupy sign” in Google images and got…349 million results. Wait–what?!

Yours in solidarity.

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