Herman Cain And The “What Do You Mean It’s Not An All-U-Can-Eat Lady Buffet?”

Girl what we do (what we do)
And where we do (and where we do)
The things we do (things we do)
Are just between me and you (oh yeah)

– 50 Cent – Candy Shop

It’s raining shoes on Herman Cain as his sexytime past comes back to haunt his book tour/well, book tour.

Kicky slingback #1: Herman Cain’s plan to pay all unemployed women $35K per year.

The National Restaurant Association gave $35,000 — a year’s salary — in severance pay to a female staff member in the late 1990s after an encounter with Herman Cain, its chief executive at the time, made her uncomfortable working there, three people with direct knowledge of the payment said on Tuesday.

Platform pump #2: Herman displays his moves on a less than appreciative woman before a less than appreciative audience.

Oklahoma political consultant Chris Wilson says if the woman behind the reported sexual harassment complaint against GOP Presidential hopeful Herman Cain is allowed to speak publicly, it’ll be the end of Cain’s run for the White House.

Interviewed today on KTOK’s Mullins in the Morning, Wilson, of Wilson-Perkins-Allen Opinion Research headquartered in Washington, D.C. explained he was a witness to the incident. “I was the pollster at the National Restaurant Association when Herman Cain was head of it and I was around a couple of times when this happened and anyone who was involved with the NRA at the time, knew that this was gonna come up.”

Thigh high boot up the ass #3: Herman Cain….playa.

A third unnamed woman now claims she was harassed by Herman Cain while an employee at the National Restaurant Association, according to an Associated Press report.

The story offers few details, however: the woman in question says that Cain made sexually suggestive remarks and gestures, commented on her attractiveness, and invited her alone up to a corporate apartment.

I suggest Cain assign the blame where it squarely belongs…

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