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Adbusters Tactical Briefing at New Amped Status OCCUPY Site plus 1930’s Riots Video

Dave DeGraw of Amped Status has created a new companion site, OWSnews to act as another clearinghouse for movement news and #Occupy diaries from around the nation and world.

The new Adbusters Tactical Briefing paper is there; an excerpt:

“The initial phase of the #OCCUPY movement was marked by several weeks of viral growth that peaked on October 15 with a global day of action. In the next phase, there will be a turn towards addressing the deep philosophical and strategic questions of how to escalate this democracy moment into a revolutionary people’s movement. Across the nation there are clear signs that the #OCCUPY movement is simultaneously maturing and growing more militant.

Of the many questions swirling around #OCCUPY, the most challenging is how to gel into a global movement without sacrificing the decentralized, leaderless model. There is a widespread acknowledgment that there are challenges that can only be dealt with on a global scale, such as a climate change accord and overturning international casino capitalism, and that we must therefore forge a globally united people’s movement. However, there is also a growing recognition that the general assembly model that has worked beautifully thus far may be fundamentally limited on a structural level.

A breakthrough came on Friday from the New York City General Assembly where the structure working group has proposed, and the general assembly has accepted, the adoption of a modified spokes council model that will work in conjunction with the general assembly. This lays the foundation for a regional, national and potentially international spokes council, something that both #OCCUPYPHILLY and The 99 Percent Declaration have been pushing for. We are beginning to see how the #OCCUPY movement will elevate itself into an international force.”

Kevin Zeese’s new piece ‘A Warning to the Economic and Political Elite: Listen Now’ is there.  He provides some context and perspective that drove the movement, and imagines the future:

“A warning to the elites: occupations are only the beginning.  This movement is in its early stage and is going to grow in ways that are hard to imagine right now.  We know that decades of the expansion of corporate power will not be undone with one occupation.  Plans are being made by some of us to move “Beyond Occupation” to the next steps of building a movement that represents all Americans – youth burdened with college loans and lousy jobs, seniors stuck in poverty retirement with their Social Security and Medicare threatened, the middle class who worked their whole lives and are now part of the long-term unemployed, live in homes with underwater mortgages and fear foreclosure and of course the poor, homeless and mentally ill whose mistreatment has become more obvious as the public space we occupy draws them to us for food and housing.

A message for the elites: THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING. LISTEN TO US NOW OR THE PRICE OF CHANGE WILL GET MORE EXPENSIVE FOR YOU: What do we seek?  We seek an end to corporate rule and shifting power to the people.”

It’s great to see some planned accommodation to the fact that not only will winter weather necessitate some more oblique tactics past physical, overnight Occupations of public spaces, but that cross-communications among the General Assemblies are increasingly crucial to the global movement, and can best be served through councils speaking to one another.

These steps are a great reminder that: This insurrection is a marathon, not a sprint, and continual growth by committed citizens is now more crucial than ever to achieving a people’s revolution.

Today, November 2, 2011 is the day OccupyOakland has designated for a General Strike.

This film footage from the 1930’s is making the rounds in the blogosphere; food for thought…

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