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Occupy NAFTA/CAFTA! Investor-State Arbitration is a WMD Being Used Against Democracy and Domestic Economies

Occupy Everything! (Photo: Timothy Krause, flickr)

Occupy Everything! (Photo: Timothy Krause, flickr)

The Occupy protests and the issues driving the protesters’ grievances embolden me to propose that NAFTA, or at least chapter 11, is abrogated or repealed. I look at the dysfunction overtaking our society these days as caused at least in part because of NAFTA. As long as it remains as it is there can be no governmental remedy and issues and grievances will continue to get worse. Enacting CAFTA (Central American Free Trade Agreement) certainly isn’t going to help.

“The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) includes an array of new corporate investment rights and protections that are unprecedented in scope and power. NAFTA allows corporations to sue the national government of a NAFTA country in secret arbitration tribunals if they feel that a regulation or government decision affects their investment in conflict with these new NAFTA rights. If a corporation wins, the taxpayers of the “losing” NAFTA nation must foot the bill. This extraordinary attack on governments’ ability to regulate in the public interest is a key element of recent and proposed NAFTA expansions like the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) and agreements with Peru, Panama and Colombia.” From – PUBLICCITIZEN NAFTA’s Chapter 11: Corporate Cases

Article 1110: Expropriation and Compensation; Article 1102: National Treatment; Article 1103: Most-Favored-Nation Treatment, in particular, are attributed with causing egregious legislative problems.

If we are to have democratic – human – citizen based government and a possibility to maintain just and healthy societies that function, responsive negotiation needs to be an ongoing process in the upkeep of the public commons and protection of individual rights and freedom, but the mechanism for fair and just governance and legislation is broken in great part, because of NAFTA. And now, CAFTA is being added as yet another impediment to citizen rights and representation in governance.

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Mexico City, March 24 2003

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by Mary Bottari, Multinational Monitor

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