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Confirmed 1%er US Bank Prez Richard “Get Over It” Davis, Winner of the Marie Antoinette Award

Remember that little US Bank and Minnesota Chamber of Commerce shindig scheduled for earlier today? The gathering of the elites to both circle their cloth-of-gold-covered wagons and to nervously pat themselves on their Brooks-Brothers-clad backs?

Well, US Bank president Richard Davis must figure that having wealth on the order of Ozymandias gives him a similar imagined immunity from the consequences of his own words and actions. Not only does he not acknowledge that he and his buds might have done anything wrong (much less the throngs gathered outside courtesy of OccupyMN to protest him and his buds), he chides the nervous Nellies among them who might still have concerns over what’s been going on. Check this out, courtesy of City Pages‘ Gregory Pratt:

Davis did comment on the economic woes facing the country, saying “fear,” “loss of faith,” and “uncertainty” were damaging American society. Davis called these feelings “really lame reasons to not get up in the morning.”

“‘Everybody’s breaking the rules, blah blah blah,'” Davis said at one point, admonishing the assembled business leaders to “get over it.”

Clap louder, guys! C’mon, clap louder! Gotta drown out the sounds of the protesters outside! Don’t you know that every time Tinkerbell’s allowed to hear a protester, it’s another dagger in her heart?!

Geez, this guy wins the Marie Antoinette Award for callous cluelessness — or is it clueless callousness?

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