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State of the Occupation (Monday Roundup)

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– From Salon, a New Declaration of Independence. “The austerity sages are considered the most serious and wise in all of the nation by our corporate press, which defines “the center” of every national political debate as “whatever the elites want.”

– Occupy Toronto now has yurts! Say what you will about yurt-dwelling hippies, but I bet most occupiers would appreciate a yurt or two.

The Weeping Tangerine weighs in on OWS. “I understand people’s frustrations,” Boehner said during an appearance at the McConnell Center at the University of Louisville.” [Note how all of the politicians are using the word “frustrations.” Someone somewhere must have done some sort of focus-group messaging test.]

– After dozens of arrests both Friday and Saturday night at Occupy Nashville, surprisingly, there were no arrests Sunday night. Other good news from Nashville – the ACLU is filing a lawsuit to stop the arrests at Legislative Plaza.

50 cent joins the OWS fight. “I want to shout out to Occupy Wall Street groups around the world. You are waking up the world, including me. Please keep up the peaceful protest, you are making a difference.”

– The Portland Police Department is posting pics and names of the occupiers they arrested onto Facebook. I don’t know if it’s just bizarre or some pathetic attempt at intimidation.

– Here’s a wonderful article from

– Ron Paul says the occupations are all about “handouts.” Sigh.

– Here’s a video from Occupy Denver from right before the police violence began on Saturday, and here’s a really great photogallery.

– TYT posted a new video about the CEO of Bank of America’s hurt feelers.

– This is really cool. “Knitters for the 99%” on Facebook.

– What Obama should be saying about Scott Olsen: Video. Also about Oakland, an article from businessinsider: Marine Says Oakland Used Crowd Control Methods That Are Prohibited In War Zones.

– Some of the best, most comprehensive, and thoughtful coverage of OWS has been coming from Nathan Schneider at Waging Nonviolence, and today he writes about the importance of the planned general strike in Oakland.

Video: “Voices of #OccupyDetroit – Jerry”

– Here’s an article about last night’s bulldozer raid at Occupy Richmond. Here’s a pic taken by an occupier as it happened.

– Interesting video about the arrests at Occupy Portland.

– Unreal. Top US foreclosure law firm threw a Halloween party where staff dressed as homeless, foreclosed-upon Americans.

– Video: Keep Wall Street Occupied


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