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NCTE And The FRC On A Trans Youth Joining The Girl Scouts

Thumbnail link: A Parents Guide To Preventing Homosexuality: Chapter 1. Masculinity Is An Achievement (excerpt)Update: The National Review has posted a peice on the 7-year-old trans girl from another person associated with the Family Research Council — Senior legal fellow Cathy Ruse. The name of the article is Male and Female He Created Them. From the conclusion of the article:

No mention is made anywhere of the boy’s father, and his utter absence from news stories strikes me as a classic “elephant in the room,” or in this case, not in the room. Dare I state the obvious, unspoken truth? This poor little boy desperately needs a father.

The treatment schema in A Parent’s Guide To Preventing Homosexuality is summed up in Chapter 1, entitled Masculinity Is an Achievement. The in the subsection of that chapter entitled In Search Of Masculinity, Joseph Nicolosi, Ph.D. outlines what he believes the role of a father is, as well as specific techniques, to prevent homosexuality in a son.

Reparative therapists see a secure gender identity as a primary avenue through which we grow to maturity. In contrast, a defining characteristic of the gay movement is the drive to destabilize the categories of sex and gender.

Joseph Nicolosi, Ph.D., former president of the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH)

The National Center for Transgender Equality’s (NCTE’s) Mara Keisling and the Family Research Council’s (FRC’s) Peter Sprigg were on Fox News Sunday morning (October 30, 2011) discussing the case of the 7-year-old trans girl whose parents attempted to enroll her in the Girl Scouts. From the Fox News video Colorado Boy to Join the Girl Scouts?:

An excerpt from the video from the Family Research Council’s (FRC’s) Peter Sprigg:

Well, a person who believes they are the opposite of their biological sex, or who wants to the opposite of their biological sex, is suffering from a recognized mental illness called Gender Identity Disorder. And the appropriate response to that is psychological counseling to help them be comfortable with their biological sex. I believe that’s true for an adult, but it’s doubly true for a child who has nowhere near the maturity to be able to decide that they want to change their sex.

An excerpt from Mara Keisling:

Well, what I think that what the Girl Scouts have done really, really makes a lot of sense. Peter is wrong about this being a mental illness. The Diagnostic Statistical Manual which lists it also lists insomnia, migraines, and religious conversions. These are all things that can cause stress…

Image: Autumn Sandeen (11/23/2010)The solution that Peter Sprigg — whose organization, the FRC, has been identified as a hate group — is stating that the 7-year-old at the center of the story needs reparative therapy. What Sprigg and the FRC is suggesting is found in A Parent’s Guide To Preventing Homosexuality by former president of the NARTH. Excerpts from that book’s chapter 2, the chapter entitled “The Prehomosexual Boy,” explains some of what Sprigg and the FRC are advocating:

I believe in a reparative approach to gender identity conflict. Something is lacking the [Gender Identity Disorder (GID] or gender-empty child’s sense of himself as truly male (or her sense of being female). Along with other like-minded psychotherapists, I hope to offer a choice that could change the course of lives before these young people are so deeply entangled in unwanted homosexual behavior that it is almost impossible for them to find their way out.

…[We like-minded psychotherapists] believe that healthy development requires that a person’s interior sense of gender identity and his biology must correspond. Mind, body, and spirit must work together in harmony. The gender-nonconforming boy might be artistic, creative, and relational, but in order to grow into his potential, he must also be confident that he belongs to the world of men.

Once mothers and fathers recognize the real problems their gender-confused children face, agree to work together to help resolve them, and seek the guidance and expertise of a psychotherapist who believes that change in possible, there is hope. Growth into a heterosexual identity is indeed possible.

Also from The Prehomosexual Boy chapter of the same book, is a subsection entitled Sex Change Operations: Two Views:

Traditionalists (including most people of faith), believe that a natural order written into our bodies tells us who we are. For this reason, traditionalist cannot accept the view that a man who “feels like a woman inside” is justified in having his genitals amputated, breast implants inserted, and female hormones pumped into his bloodstream so that he can make his body conform to his interior sense of who he is. Traditionalists shiver with horror at the sight of this person, born a man, gesticulating in a caricatured femalelike manner, having artificial breast that contrast with the faintest shadow of a beard and the telltale angularity of a man’s jaw. What that person did to force his body to conform to his desired biological sex does not in fact look noble; it looks like raw butchery. Reflecting on the same scenario, sexual liberationalists applaud — this person exercise choice (the highest human good!) and made himself conform to who he believed he could be, with the help of modern medicine.

In the minds of traditionalists such as Sprigg, the FRC, Nicolosi, and NARTH, trans girls and trans women are just boys and men that — much like gay men — haven’t embraced their God-given masculinity. It’s not with any stretch of the imagination, given the description by Nicolosi above, that “traditionalists” perceive the T’s of those World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) describes as transsexual, transgender, and gender nonconforming people to be super-homosexuals…to be super-abominations.

(By the way, count this as another checked check-box for Why We’re “Lumped Together” In LGBT Community.)

WPATH’s recently updated Standards of Care for the Health of Transsexual, Transgender, and Gender Nonconforming People states this about the ethics of reparative therapy:

Treatment aimed at trying to change a person’s gender identity and expression to become more congruent with sex assigned at birth has been attempted in the past without success (Gelder & Marks, 1969; Greenson, 1964), particularly in the long term (Cohen-Kettenis & Kuiper, 1984; Pauly, 1965). Such treatment is no longer considered ethical.

What Peter Sprigg and the FRC offer this trans youth is — per the secular treatment schema put out by the subject matter experts at WPATH — is a kind of therapy that’s no longer considered ethical: reparative therapy.

That’s something to ponder isn’t it?

Further viewing: Transyouth Family Advocates (TYFA) Executive Director Kim Pearson on CNN talking about a different 8-year-old transyouth (where the issues are similar).

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