I’m critical of the Occupy movement not having explicit demands, but am happy it has implicit ones. One of the most significant of the latter is that the homeless are universally (*) welcome in the Occupy encampments, as applepie perceptively points out:

Tell you the truth though, my favorite devlpmnt is a controversial one…the seemingly unanimous national consensus that homeless people were to be welcomed in our camps. It seemed to happen simultaneously and over a vast geographic area without any real national coordination! Power to the people.

Yes, it is creating problems. And at times it can be scary given the huge amount of untreated psychological problems in our nation (esp. the homeless), and the cops/media are using it to bully us and try and shut us down, and the fascists point to it in an attempt to marginalize us, but it seems to be holding together!?! Where will it lead? The stones are being set for a path to a better place…

This welcoming is meaningful, and a significant and obviously closely related sub-theme of the main implicit ‘demand’, creating a society that serves the 99% and not the 1%.

Semi-answering applepie, I agree that the phenomenon leads the movement to a morally good and strategically smart place. In my crystal ball, the significance of the homeless will grow, because I think the 2012-2013 future of the Occupy movement is as Obamavilles and/or Romneyvilles (or wtf). In other words, the center of Occupy will be politicizing — ‘right up in your face’ — massive poverty reminiscent of the Great Depression.

Lefties and anarchists originating OWS not so surprisingly recognized homelessness as a sub-component of what ‘Occupy’ is about. In the future I think poverty and homelessness will be the centerpiece, the Occupy movement will be led by the poor, the unemployed and the homeless, and the middle-class, intellectuals and university students will be their righteous followers. That will also be good.

Of course my crystal ball is a little cloudy and I could be totally off, but I’ve been told by an authority as authoritative as vox humana that this old crystal ball comment was “particularly prescient”:

X1000 people are showing up overnight increasingly. (0.00 / 0)

Greece and Argentina, now Tunisia, for example. Surprisingly, apparently, thousands hit the street not because they were inspired by assassinations of politicians but because of extreme IMF/banker uber alles economic shock insanity.

That phenomenon is and will be increasingly commonplace. X1000 is here. The job of the left is to raise consciousness among those revolting. This is not an overwhelming problem in the third world and Europe, but it is still a big problem here in the States, world headquarters of global economic rape and therefore its media (and academia, FWIW) heavily fortified against incorrect thought. …

by: fairleft @ Thu Jan 20, 2011 at 10:48:43 AM EST

*P.S. – Is it true that the homeless are universally welcome in the OWS camps? If you have confirming or contradictory accounts, please put them in the comments.