Halloween Foodie: You Know You Wanna Dish

Halloween Cupcake (Photo: Cat beurnier, flickr)

Halloween Cupcake (Photo: Cat beurnier, flickr)

Alrighty Foodie Pups.  We’re all gonna eat supper tonight, and some of us may just have a seasonal favorite in mind.

And, yes, I mean You Wanna Dish in both senses of the saying.  You may either pull out a plate for samples, or you may wanna “dish”, er Talk about what you’re planning on eating tonight.  This is, after all, kind of like our own Party Line.  (And, yes, I meant that as a double entredre as well.)

For any who may be reading this either after dinner, or after time to go out to the market – although that’s not the place you want to stand in line tonight – you might want to read through anyway and pick up some Autumnal Recipes for tomorrow or next week, or the next week.

Molly, if you come by, please post your favorite recipe for Sausage Soup.  It’s a great one for these days.

At my house, where we do actually get a lot of trick or treaters so we Observe the holiday, we will be having Chili, with tortilla chips – stone ground white, blue and yellow, with grated cheese and chopped onions.  Call me corny (har har), but it’s a favorite around here.  There’ll be a platter of L’il smokies, those little weiners, and also a vegetable and cheese platter.

If you have a hankerin’ for a favorite holiday memory food, or your current weather puts you in a mood to throw a pot of something particular on, do share.  Dish, Babies, dish!

I hope everyone has a fun time whatever you are doing tonight.

PS, I almost forgot.  Beer.  Only one tall bottle for the two of us.  (Sonny is only 17 and, thank Gawd, is not interested).

And, as always, keep the faith, and pass it on.

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