Pictured: How many people are excited about having to buy what they're selling? (by plurimus)

So much for the theory that it’s just a bunch of Firebaggers liberals that are dissatisfied with the Affordable [sic] Care Act.

Defenders of the Democrats’ health law quickly dismissed Friday’s dismal poll numbers as a statistical fluke that will have little impact to no impact on the 2012 election.

The monthly poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation registered the lowest level of support for the law since it was enacted in March 2010, with 51 percent of respondents having an unfavorable view versus 34 percent in favor. The main reason: waning support from Democrats. Just 52 percent of Democrats now have a favorable view of the law, Kaiser found.

To be sure, part of the problem is that most people probably don’t know that most of the law doesn’t even kick in until 2014. And it doesn’t help matters that Big Insurance keeps jacking up premiums.

But those increases represent a dual problem for Obama. One, they’re a reminder that the current law does nothing to control costs. And two, people know that they will soon be required to buy a lousy, overpriced product from the very companies that they feel are ripping them off.

A possible silver lining for the White House that could depress turnout for Willard is that Republican voters don’t yet realize just how similar RomneyCare is to the Affordable Care Act.

Every Republican candidate has vowed to repeal it, even Mitt Romney – despite the fact that the federal law was largely modeled after his own effort in Massachusetts in 2006. The Kaiser poll suggests that Romney’s opponents have so far failed to convincingly make that point, with 69 percent of likely GOP primary voters saying they don’t know enough about the Massachusetts law to say whether it’s similar to the federal law.

But this is a double-edged sword for Obama. “My health care plan is just like the one my Republican opponent passed” doesn’t exactly get the base fired up and ready to go.

Blue Texan

Blue Texan