In the latest edition of their “Both Sides of the Law” series, the MJS takes on takes on the elites who control the Milwaukee Police Department Police Department ignores national standards for officers accused of domestic violence

Front and center is Chief Edward Flynn, who FDL readers might recall from Anne Coulter wannabe admits affair with Milwaukee Police Chief. Flynn was a Massachusetts protege of Gov. Mitt Romney, who was brought to Milwaukee with cash from the 1/2 a billion-dollar Bradley Foundation. Per DDay:

Walker has deeply entwined his administration with the Bradley Foundation. The Bradley Foundation’s CEO, former state GOP chairman Michael Grebe, chaired Walker’s campaign and headed his transition. But more importantly, the organizations lining up to support Walker are financed by Bradley cash.

These include, the MacIver Institute, the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute and the astroturf group Americans for Prosperity all of whom worked to elect Walker. We are talking about extreme views that have their roots in the far-right John Birch Society, co-founded by Bradley Foundation founder Harry Bradley.

Harry, along with his older brother Lynde, started the Allen-Bradley company, a major manufacturer of electronics and engine parts. After a bitter strike in 1939, Harry became increasingly political. Although his company boomed because of World War 2-era contracts from the government, Harry abhorred any intrusions into his business: especially labor organizers (who he termed “communists” in his memoirs), as well as pressure to hire women and minorities in his plants, a move he resisted until his death. Responding to the civil rights movement and liberalism in society, Harry became obsessed with right-wing politics. According to scholar William Schambra, Harry even studied Lenin and Stalin for ideas on how to wage guerrilla warfare against the left. He joined candy manufacturer Robert Welch to be one of the founding members of the John Birch Society (along with Fred Koch, the father of Koch Industries executives Charles and David Koch), and financed other right-wing firebrands.

This is a very unusual step for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, who endorsed Scott Walker and then state Supreme Court Justice David Prosser. The newspaper is a subsidiary of
Journal Communications who reported sharply lower third-quarter profits

I found the MJS’ video of Officer Jill Glidewell particularly compelling.

The “Both Sides of the Law,” series predates OWS, but I am confident it did much to inform this reporting.



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