This technique is already used extensively in my home to reply to GOP mailers and solicitations from the Bush Lieberry. I make an effort to remove identifying information, like my name and address, not because I think this is misuse of the Postal Service but because I want to continue getting the GOP and Bush stuff. I don’t want them to take me off their list, because spending their postage to return their useless paper to sender is gratifying.

I especially enjoy it when the GOPs put a plea on their postpaid return envelopes: “Your stamp will help us save needed funds!” Sucker!

Anyhow, I do recall a postal worker and FDL commenter a long time ago instructed us not to send bricks or feces, as that only puts hard-working union USPS employees at risk.

And remember, no threats. No powders.

Occupy Wall Street! Or, if you’re not near Wall Street, Keep Wall Street Occupied!

Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge