Despite dozens of arrests early Friday morning, Occupy San Diego has regrouped and spent Friday night in two groups: One, about 800 strong, marched through downtown to Civic Center Plaza then joined the smaller bunch at Civic Center Plaza. Police were watchful, but there were no arrests. Occupiers were not allowed to sleep in sleeping bags, or technically to sleep at all.

What was meant to be a sleepover/pajama party with trade unionists and nurses turned into an all night rally. At approximately 4am, Occupy San Diego reported on their Facebook page:

Cops just went through and woke everyone up that was sleeping. The labor unions and Nurses were able to talk the cops down and no one got arrested yet. Stay tuned for updates. The heat is rising in Civic Center Plaza! Please come down if you can and help us occupy!

The Occupy San Diego Ustream from this morning shows the SDPD discussing the matter of people resting with Occupiers (at about hour 3:40am on) who received a call from their National Lawyers Guild rep. She tells the Occupiers to move away from the police.

Three of women arrested in Friday morning’s sweep were bailed out by a donor, and the admin from the FB page who accompanied them on their release from jail commented:  [cont’d.]

After talking with the 3 ladies for a short while it became perfectly clear that violence was indeed committed on Occupiers by the SDPD (and other law enforcement officers.) Also important to note is that the SDPD did not discriminate using violence based on gender, size or weight of the person being arrested the same amount of force was applied to all. The details of what exactly took place inside the Civic Center was not captured on a camera that was unbiased. The OSD Media Team was denied permission entry into the Civic Center therefore were unable to document on camera injuries as they were being sustained by people as they were being arrested. This was a deliberate and calculated move on the part of SDPD. This admin believes a small dent was made in the blanket claim that the majority of Occupiers involved with OSD were homeless and unemployed by choice.

Nice to know the San Diego cops don’t discriminate when it comes to arresting people.

San Diego’s municipal code states:

Overnight Camping. It is unlawful to camp, lodge, sleep, or tarry overnight; provided, however, that nothing in Section 63.0102(b)(12) prohibits any person from being or remaining in any park while in attendance at any function for which the City Manager has previously granted permission.

Civic Center Plaza is not a park, and it’s highly unlikely the City Manager would grant permission for Occupy SD to take up residence in any of the city’s parks. This spring San Diego, which in 2007 allowed homeless the right to sleep on sidewalks, began to again enforce the illegal lodging law. Sleeping on the sidewalks in San Diego is punishable by a $1,000 ticket, though there must be shelter beds available and the police must direct the homeless person to a shelter. Additionally, the municpal code specifies:

Large Groups. Except as otherwise required or permitted by Chapter 2, Article 2, Division 40 of this Code, it is unlawful for any group of persons consisting of fifty or more persons to hold, conduct or participate in any celebration, parade, service, picnic, exercise, or other special event in any park, plaza, or beach without having first obtained a permit from the City Manager.

Saturday morning, Occupy San Diego

Lisa Derrick

Lisa Derrick

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