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Late Night FDL: MN GOP Chair Tony Sutton, Still Sucking With Other People’s Money

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As regular readers of both FDL and Mercury Rising know, I’ve been following the ups and downs of Minnesota Republican Party chair Tony Sutton , and his money-handling difficulties, for some time now. And guess what? He’s in the news again — and as always, it’s about money, or the difficulties pertaining thereto. Bluestem Prairie’s Sally Jo Sorensen has the deets concerning possible Republican dissatisfaction with Sutton’s ham-fisted leadership and subpar money-handling:

Today’s Strib confirms the lilting call of the Great North Star Speckled Dime Dropper. Baird Helgeson reports in State GOP faces $533,000 in debt:

Still reeling from months of debt, the executive board of the Republican Party of Minnesota held a closed-door meeting Thursday night to discuss party finances and its path forward.

State Party Chairman Tony Sutton emerged after more than an hour and declared it a “positive meeting” but declined to release any further details.

Despite Sutton’s assurances, some GOP leaders are surprised the party remains in a $533,000 financial hole.

“It’s how much?” said state Sen. John Howe, R-Red Wing. “It appears we have some fundraising opportunities we need to address.” . . .

. . .Sutton took the helm of the state GOP in 2009 with more than $1 million in the bank and by January of this year the party owed creditors $750,000.

And then there’s this:

A recent Federal Election Commission report showed that the party continues to burn through money faster than it is taking it in. The party also racked up significant expenses in the gubernatorial recount between Dayton and GOP candidate Tom Emmer. Although the party is not legally obligated to pay those debts, several party officials believe the GOP is ethically bound to do so.

Given the Strib’s perpetual incuriosity about all things corporate and Republican, it’s not surprising that there’s no more than that. 

Later in the article, Sorensen points out what the Minneapolis StarTribune obscures: The existence of a separate fund called Count Them All Properly Inc., set up by Sutton after took responsibility for handling the 2010 gubernatorial recount away from Republican nominee Tom Emmer: “Some rightish friends waggishly suggested at the time that Sutton had hoped to find a cash cow in the recount, as well as a fund whose contents needn’t be disclosed to state or federal regulators.” Considering that both Sutton and his wife Bridget Cronin Sutton would soon be gone from the Baja Sol taco chain that augered into the ground under their leadership, they might well welcome a new source of income to make up for the loss of their Baja Sol gigs.

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