I am certain that I did not coin the term ‘delusions of candor’ but I do remember very well that the first time I used it was back in 2008 during the election season, I was insulting John McCain at the time on a political web site and I thought it sounded funny and was an apt description of him and his tour bus named the ‘Straight Talk Express’.

When a politician who has obviously been bought off by wealthy corporations and wealthy individuals all of a sudden pretends to give a damn about us common folk, they are both displaying and encouraging delusions of candor.  This usually happens around election time and is almost always followed by a prompt return to serving Wall Street and a resounding ‘f&K U buddy’ to the voting public.

The President is currently attempting to instill delusions of candor in order to appear as if he actually cares about the people who make up his supposed base you know, the middle class, young people with student loans to contend with, etc. etc.  Of course, all you have to do look is look at the trade deals he recently put his John Hancock on to know that this is total nonsense.

At least he is making the obligatory dishonest effort.

The same cannot be said of the DIMS on the Super committee.  Apparently they have been turned out by all that lobbyist money flowing around.  The lobbyists make it rain and the DIMS give Wall Street a peep show as they  pole dance and bump and grind and on Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid to the sheer pleasure of kleptocratic VIPs.

To make matters worse I have heard very few DIMS condemn the proposal itself and not a single one call out the Super Committee members by name.  Thom Hartmann broke it down fairly well on his show.

Here is a list of these heroes and links to their websites where you can tell them what a great job they are doing.

Sen. John Kerry

Sen. Patty Murray

Sen. Max Baucus

Rep.  James Clyburn

Rep. Xavier Becerra

Rep. Chris Van Hollen

IMO Hartmann didn’t go far enough, If I had my own show I would have said something like this ;    ‘Your proposal makes absolutely NO SENSE.  The lobbyist cash has gone to your collective heads, and it is pathetically obvious to anyone paying attention.  I hope that the voters in your states and districts remove you from office at the earliest opportunity.’

To those who are afraid to vote third 2nd party I ask the question;  How is the current 1 party political trap working out for us?  The Rethugs are outright criminals, and the DIMS are doing their level best to let us know that they aren’t really any different.  We don’t even qualify for lip service anymore.  How much more convincing do we need?

We’ve got predators pretending to be public servants and the supposed good guys now act just like the bad guys.

The working class is figuratively and  literally under attack, and  just where are our friends in the Democratic party? Busy carving up social programs of course, and far too busy to know anything about raids conducted under their watch.

For what it’s worth, I am convinced that it is the collective reluctance to abandon the 1 party trap for fear of being screwed that insures that we are perpetually screwed.