Some Obot crybaby apologists are so fed up with talking about how impotent the presididn’t is (but it isn’t his fault) that they can’t stop baiting everyone to talk about it.  

What’s more, the big zerO’s contributions to the following,

putting forth shock-doctrine, Chicago School remedies by/for the same Wall Street motherfuckers who caused it,

 selling us the Bob Dole/AHIP Insurance company profit protection Act (12 PENS! AWWSSMM!),

 making sure we keep a presence in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya (such nice rebels, did France and England get their oil fix yet?), Yemen and wherever else oil is an important resource to control and fuck people over to obtain it,

keeping  Guantanimo going and continuing to support indefinite detentions,

declaring Bradley Manning guilty without trial,

 executing citizens (16 year old juvenile citizens too, oops sorry, not), without trial  (not only do we not need no stinking badges, we don’t need no stinking proof neither)

renewing the Patriot Act

Department of Justice  burying whistleblowers, looking the other way at criminals

Monsanto, GM foods and our pwnd, revolving door government(Mike Taylor, Dennis Wolfe, Tom Vilsack, Roger Beachy, Rajiv Shah, Islam Siddiqui, Elena Kagan)

Tar sands and other oil gas boondoggles (put a hero in jail, let the criminals continue with illegal auctions)

EPA incisor removal act,,

Deepwater Oil Wells (“These wells are completely safe. Oh fuck, what just happened?”)

Fracking (Salazar, what a guy)

Mountaintop removal,

Nuclear Power (“You’re doing a heckuva job there Chuwy. Fuki what?”)

DADT – (“Put Dan Choi in Jail. He’s embarrassing me”)

Medical Marijuana (You want any drugs, you gonna buy’em from us pharma guys. Uddawize, we gonna bust ya balls. Capische?)

Bush Tax Cuts

continuous expanded deployment of murderous drones,

still using blackwater,

increasing secrecy,

and just about every other heinous thing George and Dick did (jesus fucking Christ, I feel like there are more of these examples than leaves in my yard to rake), are really not that big of a deal. I mean WTF? Did you hope for change or something, you fucking retard?

Somehow, when satisfying his handlers, the smooth operator has an entire catalog of services at which he is extremely adept and eager to employ, yet when it comes to making anything happen for the American public, the fucker is powerless.

But it’s not his fault. You’re just not smart enough to know how it all works. You’re getting very sleepy. Keep watching Shakira’s ass. Isn’t it mesmerizing? Your eyes are so heavy. It goes around and bump, around again. You’re in a good place.

Vote for Obomba, or (insert flaky, idiotic, republican, non-choice here) will become President.

And oh yeah, god damn you Ralph Nader, this is all your fault. If Al Gore would have been president, Snickers would NEVER get stuck in the vending machines.