State of the Occupation (Friday & Saturday Roundup)

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Emergency Saturday updates from Occupy Denver: Around 3 PM Central cops in riot gear were thick in Denver. Soon after, reports on twitter of rubber bullets and pepper spray were appearing.

Occupy Denver videos from Saturday afternoon:



“Andrew Cleres, 21, bleeding from a rubber bullet to the arm. He was shot out of a tree at #OccupyDenver. ”

Denver update #2: From the Denver Post: “Police confirmed they used pepper spray and either rubber bullets or pepper balls to disperse the crowd in Civic Center.”

Coz, yanno, campers with tents (tents, you see!) are obviously such a threat.

Denver Livestream/uStream here.

Denver update #3: Not one, but 2, Denver screens are on Global Rev Live as of 7:53 PM Central.

Denver update #4: Another video showing police brutality. Chemical spray cannons and rubber bullets, all over tents.


– Really, really interesting article. “The Livestream Ended: How I Got Off My Computer And Onto The Street At Occupy Oakland.”

– Michael Moore on Countdown.

– Here’s a powerful video from Occupy Atlanta.

– New, must-read article in the Nation. “When the dictates of foreign debt or trade treaties put core economic decisions beyond the control of elected representatives, “democracy” becomes a cruel joke or, worse, a spectacle designed to absorb popular frustration while the real deals go down elsewhere.”

– Awesome Nashville update: “A dozen Occupy Nashville protesters, undeterred by their arrests and five hours in detention, have marched back onto the Legislative Plaza this morning claiming victory in their cause. “Whose plaza? Our plaza!” they yelled as they arrived in the rain.”

– But another storm is brewing in Nashville tonight.

– Did the Governor of TN overstep his bounds by having the Nashville Occupiers arrested? Almost 80% say yes.

– myFDL diarist gnomedigest gives a first-hand account of yesterday’s arrests at Occupy Raleigh.

– This is really good: “Cops defy order to break up #OccupyAlbany”

– Global Revolution Vlad on Countdown with Olbermann.

– Protesters in Tahrir march in solidarity with OWS and #OccupyOakland (great pics.)

– Disturbing video: UCPD Trains to Brutally Beat People with their Batons. And big surprise! UCPD was also involved in the Oakland violence.

– Cool video about bike generators in Zucotti. This is especially important since the NYPD and NYFD took OWS’s biodiesel generators early this morning.

– New CNN AC360 video: CORNEL WEST vs PETER SCHIFF. Dr. West is such a nice man. His patience is really a sight to behold.

A Message to All Police Officers From Occupy Wall Street

– Occupy San Deigo evicted, 44 arrested. I haven’t seen any videos of brutality, but this afternoon on their livestream the police were pressure washing blood off the pavement.

– Oakland general strike flyer. Unfortunately, unions can’t or won’t be able to participate because of no-strike clauses.

– Also from Oakland, the mayor is on Facebook and has written a letter to OccupyOakland.


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