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NYPost Caught Lying About Occupy Wall Street (Food Edition)

Occupy Wall Street Kitchen (Photo: Kevin Loria, flickr)

Occupy Wall Street Kitchen (Photo: Kevin Loria, flickr)

We all have heard by now about the Murdoch Post’s infamous story, which conservative media outlets have been assiduously spreading, claiming that the OWS kitchens are trying to turn away the homeless.  Even the Huffington Post fell for it.

Guess what?  It turns out that the NY Post’s story is bullshit. From the Atlantic:

[OWS Food Committee member Megan] Hayes said the kitchen is planning its stripped-back meals simply to give its committee members more time to strategize. “Because we hit the ground running, we became a full-on restaurant in the park in under a month without having a chance to have any organization, any clear guidelines for volunteers. We need a chance to catch our breath, to say alright, winter’s coming, we’re not going anywhere, how can we maximize our output and get as many people as possible fed.”

Hayes was clearly frustrated with the narrative. “The Post first says we eat like kings, then their restaurant critic says our food’s horrible. They need to make up their mind about us.”

No kidding.

So, we’ve had the Anti-Semitic Lie, the Violence Lie, the Harm to Business Lie (the police barricades are more harmful than the protesters in this regard), the Cost to the Taxpayers Lie (there wouldn’t be any cost if the 1%ers didn’t keep siccing the cops on the peaceful and unarmed protesters), and now the They’re Starving the Homeless Lie.

Wonder what sort of trick will the 1% unleash on OWS next?  (Besides, of course, stealing OWS’ generators so they can try to shut down the OWS twitter and live TV feeds?)

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