Millions are jumping off the Democrats bandwagon. They’re going on strike and jumping into the streets because the differences between Democrat promises and Democrat actions – union busting, racism, bigotry, misogyny and warmongering  is stark and revealing. It’s time to tell those who vote for Democrats instead of building mass struggles for fundamental change – socialist change – that they’re voting against the interests of working people. 

In the past the left has criticized Democrat politicians but no one’s taken Democrat voters to task for their anti-worker blunders. Madison and OWS ended all that. We have to begin explaining that self respect and dedication to bettering the lives of working people is irreconcilable with voting for any Democrat. 

Voting for lying right wingers like Democrats is self destructive, especially when self-deceived workers do it. The same is true when voting for Republicans, except that its less likely because Republicans are openly anti-labor. 

The Democrats have a record and it’s chillingly clear.  

1964  “Half the with LBJ” led to the murder of 1 million or more Vietnamese, Laotians and Cambodians and 55,000 or more dead GIs and a raging inflation that burned through the economy until the early Reagan years, helping to create the Rust Belt. 

1976 “Carter, A Leader, for Change” brought us Nixon/Ford rebranded, the beginnings of deregulation and the losses of hundreds of thousands of jobs in communication – the Ma Bell breakup -and transportation – rail unions and the Teamsters.

1992, 1996 Bill Clintons ‘It’s Time to Change America’ should have been taken as a warning that things were about to change dramatically for the worse. His signature on the Republican union busting bill NAFTA led to the ‘loss of 766,000 jobs of which 554,750 were in the manufacturing sector.’ (From AFL-CIO Jobs with Justice). Bill Clintons NAFTA was used by businesses to bust unions, cut wages and roll back benefits. Clintons signature on the Republican deregulation bill unleashed predatory lenders who caused the housing bubble which burst and led to the current Clinton Depression and 25 million un and under employed.

Clinton murdered half a million Iraqi children and babies.

2008, ???? Obama’s “Hope and Change” is another obscene joke. He’s a warmonger, a union buster and a bigot. If you like that vote for it, just don’t ask us to validate your dangerous blunder and don’t pretend to be our ally. 

There’s no way around it. Elections in a banana republic don’t create real. fundameantal change. Mass actions, mass movements and massive pressure sometimes forces concession, But in the real world the only way to create enduring change is to build unions, mass movements and workers parties and utilize them as engines to create a workers government.

Bill Perdue

Bill Perdue