Buried  deep down in the article about how pizza/book huckster Herman Cain is an absentee owner of his own campaign is this little nugget about Upper Deck founder Bill Hemrick:

Management problems extended to important events. In July, a businessman and Tea Party supporter, Bill Hemrick, invited some 200 friends to the private Standard Club in Nashville to meet Mr. Cain. Mr. Hemrick said the Cain campaign had asked him to serve as its financial chairman for Tennessee.

After speaking to the crowd, Mr. Cain was to attend a private club dinner for a select group of conservatives, who were in a position to donate the $2,500 maximum.

But somehow Mr. Cain forgot, or his staff failed to follow through. After his speech, Mr. Cain called to thank Mr. Hemrick for the evening. “I said, ‘I’ll see you upstairs,’ Mr. Hemrick recalled, where the potential donors had gathered. “He said, ‘Well, I’m at the airport.’ ”

“I thought, wow, good communication there,” Mr. Hemrick said.

Mr. Hemrick, a founder of the Upper Deck trading card company, said that shortly afterward, the Cain campaign named someone else as its Tennessee financial chairman — which he first learned from his replacement.

Mr. Hemrick, who is now a fund-raiser for Representative Michele Bachmann, likes Mr. Cain’s conservatism and bears him no hard feelings.

Let me put this in baseball terms so that Bill Hemrick can understand it.:

Dude, you just traded yourself from the Mets to the Astros.

(Story of Ripken card here)



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