State of the Occupation (Thursday Roundup)

– Occupy MN has come up with a creative way of growing their numbers; they’re recruiting families in foreclosure.

– Good news from Occupy Cleveland. They’ve won in court over the right to occupy and will be beginning their 24/7 occupation immediately.

Looks like the OccupyTheBoardroom project had a huge response. Almost 7 thousand letters will soon be delivered to bankers in New York.

Help Kevin Gosztola purchase & distribute supplies from the Occupy Supply fund.

– China has banned the search term “Occupy”. You know you’re doing something right when you spook the authoritarian freaks in China.

– This is awesome. Occupy Congress! “A protester trumpeting the Occupy Wall St. message interrupted the Congressional Deficit Super Committee today to tell lawmakers to “tax the rich” and “end the wars.” Video.

– Earlier today OWS hero Michael Moore tweeted “#OccupyOakland, I am saddened & angry at your treatment by the police. I will come tomorrow to Oakland & stand with you.”

– OccupyTogether has released a field manual/wiki on occupying in the winter. Good info.

– According to a poll in Canada, it appears that the Canadian occupations are supported by over 75% of the population.

– John Stewart: “What the F*** Happened in Oakland?”

– Good news: the mayor of Oakland has decided to allow the Occupy Oakland camp to stay.

– Bad news: there were arrests in New York at their Occupy Oakland solidarity march today.

– Occupy Oakland is getting serious. On Nov 2 they’re planning a general strike and mass day of action, to “Shut Down the 1%”

The Nation reports on the Occupy Colleges National Solidarity Teach-ins scheduled for November 2nd and 3rd.

– The NYTimes reports on the increasing presence of children in Zucotti Park.

Oh, for the love of God. Seriously?

– New TYT video: “Three times as many people believed in staying with King George at the time of the Revolution than now believe our government works.” Cenk also does a great job of calling out the appeasement of wealthy donors under the BS guise of “appealing to independents.”

– Great quote from an OccupyLA protester as they face possible eviction: “”We won’t be daunted. We’re just going to keep coming back and coming back…like Chinese water torture.”

– Really interesting data from the Google Politics blog here.

– Unfortunate update from Occupy Nashville: “Eviction is currently pending and may occur any time after 8pm tonight.”

– Support for OWS is growing! From the NYTimes: “…86 percent of New York voters agree with the protesters’ views, up from 67 percent only a week before.”

– Eight people were arrested at Occupy Raleigh today, including a disabled woman and people trying to help her. Stay classy, Raleigh police.


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