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Occupy DC may not have it all together on their winterization plan, but at least they have warm food.

Lisa Derrick contacted me late last night after her visit to Occupy Los Angeles. She was deeply upset to see that the occupiers in LA did not have enough food to go around. She told me that people there were consuming less than 500 calories a day, which is much lower than any person, of any size should receive. Not only are they consuming a low number of calories, but the calories that they are consuming are definitely not healthy ones.

There are close to 1000 people there who are lucky to receive one REAL meal a day. They are occasionally fortunate to have local restaurants bring them bowls of rice and supplies to eat with, but this is not a regular occurrence. To make things harder, only packaged food or food from health department certified restaurant kitchens can be dropped off, which is a regulation of the Health Dept. for feeding groups. Lisa is going to be livestreaming today at 3pm Pacific time, 6pm Eastern. I have been fortunate to visit Occupy DC a few times and they have their definite needs, but for the time being are doing well with food. They have quite the kitchen operation, and last night they were serving pasta. Food, however is not something you can do without, and without our help, Occupy LA could be ending their stand soon.

Thanks to many of your generous donations we were able to send Lisa down to Trader Joe’s for a big haul. This afternoon she will be delivering:

– 100 jars of peanut butter

– 20 jars of applesauce

– 30 loaves of bread

– And hundreds of dollars of canned fruit

That’s just the start. Lisa is still shopping and will show all the great things she bought for the occupiers tonight. Click here to help Lisa deliver more goods to the 1000 people in Los Angeles. [cont’d.]

Food for #Occupy LA!

In other news: Last night, Jane Hamsher, Matt McKinnon from the Machinists Union, and I went to the 8pm committee meeting on winterization. This was their first meeting so they were really only brainstorming Ideas. We hope to help them out with warm clothing and supplies soon, along with effective strategies to outlast the winter.

Ryan Cook

Ryan Cook