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Facing Foreclosure? OccupyMN Can Help! (Seriously!)

One of the less-known effects of the Occupy movement is that nationwide, many homeowners from New York to Washington state to California have been able to stay in their homes for at least a little while longer thanks to the aid of the Occupiers.  Banks that didn’t return phone calls pre-Occupy are now working with homeowners on deals that at the very least allow the homeowners extra time to get moved to a new home, or even to keep the one they have.

Click on the video above to see how one satisfied customer describes how OccupyMN helped her deal with her bank.  From the video’s explanatory preface :

Just days after Ruth Murman came to OccupyMN seeking help to win two weeks to move before her home is foreclosed upon, U.S. Bank and GMAC have contacted her to settle the dispute.

Ruth had sought legal counsel and asked U.S. Bank to delay the eviction while she makes other arrangements, and until today U.S. Bank had refused to budge. This morning, U.S. Bank and GMAC called Ruth and agreed to give her the two weeks she had requested, and are currently negotiating a payment to help with moving costs.

“I got about 6 calls from U.S. Bank and GMAC yesterday,” explained Ruth. “Its amazing how desperate they were to get in touch with me all of a sudden, after they have ignored my calls and refused to help my father and I for months.”

Ruth runs a small business in Minnetonka called Auntie Ruth’s Animal Care and Wellness Centers. The business employs 25 people though Ruth hasn’t taken a paycheck in three years. Ruth lives with her father, a 79-year-old Korean War veteran who has cancer and has recently suffered several heart attacks.

“I’m so grateful for all of the hard work of the folks down at Occupy Minnesota. This means the world to my father and I. It shows that when we stand together we are stronger, and we can win.”

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