Eugene Delgaudio, a local Virginia politician living large off his lucrative anti-LGBT cash cow, usually elicits snorts of derision from the sane world when he posts his over-the-top fundraising e-mails. But his latest looks like it’s literally calling for lethal violence against LGBT people.

The use of the rainbow colors, a well-recognized LGBT symbol, in the river of blood on the floor and the bloody hand smudge near of bottom of the door are simply shocking. What other conclusion can be drawn except that he’s inciting lethal violence against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people?

Here is the image at the head of his 25 Oct e-mail. The entire email may be viewed below the fold.

Mr. Delgaudio sent this e-mail from his a $1.3 million dollar anti-LGBT operation called Public Advocate of the United States.  Public Advocate of the United States, which shares an address with the company Eugene Delgaudio & Associates, paid Mr. Delgaudio an annual “management” fee totalling over $427,000 over the most recent 5 years for which IRS data is available ($81,200 in 2009; $86,909 in 2008; $99,508 in 2007; $94,797 in 2006 and $64,601 in 2005).

What kind of sick people are funding a man who doesn’t just vilify LGBT people, but seems to literally call for our blood?

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From: Eugene Delgaudio
Date sent 10/25/2011 11:10:29 am
Subject: Everyday its something new

Public Advocate Banner 

Dear ,

I’ve never felt so alone in the fight for the family.

To be honest with you, I don’t know if I can go on much longer…

Every day it’s something new.

Like when my heart sank as the New York legislature voted to approve homosexual “marriage.”

I worked so hard to generate thousands of phone calls, emails, and faxes in opposition.

But in the end, the immense wealth of the Homosexual Lobby proved too much for Republican James Alesi of Rochester to resist.

He betrayed the Family, he betrayed you.

You see, a few rich New York Republican donors promised they would use their resources to protect him from a pro-Family backlash if he voted for this bill.

And now that the Republican National Committee has recently appointed Radical Homosexual R. Clarke Cooper to their Finance Committee to oversee fundraising, expect more of this sort of cronyism.

And Mr. Cooper knows all the big money players in the Homosexual Lobby.

That’s because he was formerly employed as the Log Cabin Republican’s Executive Director.

You know them; they’re the oldest cell of homosexual Republicans in D.C.

The same “Log Cabin Republicans” that are teaming up with groups like the “Republicans for Choice” and the “Republican Youth Majority.”

These infiltrators actively recruit pro-homosexual, pro-abortion environmentalists into our movement to disguise themselves as “conservatives.”

And then they bribe pro-family senators and congressmen with wealth and influence.

They stroll through the Halls of Congress handing out campaign contributions like sweet candy in an attempt to win over senators and congressmen left and right.

And it’s working…

Senator John Cornyn of Texas attended a fundraiser hosted by the Log Cabin Republicans.

Do you think Senator Cornyn will be able to take a strong stand for the Family against the Homosexual Agenda now that he’s got the taste for campaign cash?

And Senator Cornyn isn’t the only former ally of the family who is now pandering to the Homosexual Lobby.

Sign your Renewed Commitment to the Family

Grover Norquist was once a trusted conservative activist.  But he has double crossed us as well…

Not only is he supporting the radical homosexual GOProud organization, but has also become a member of their advisory board!

He even claims radical homosexuals are “an important part of the conservative movement.”

These people want to tear down traditional morality and erect in its place a brave new world of free-love promiscuity!

How can they possibly be “an important part of the conservative movement?”

GOProud is just as insidious as the Log Cabin Republicans — but by claiming to be a seperate entity, they strengthen their cause.

This is a classic tactic advanced by none other than Saul Alinsky, the radical leftist idolized by Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and other anti-family ideologues.

“Power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have.”

Homosexuals are by definition only 1 to 2% of the population, but by forming multiple front groups on the right, and throwing their wealth around on Capitol Hill, they create the illusion that they’re stronger than they are.

They threaten and intimidate pro-Family Americans, and when that doesn’t work, they try to buy them off.

And now I wonder if you are still with me.

You see, donations have fallen more and more lately… it seems there are fewer of us than ever before.

As conservatives, we understand that family is the basis of any society.

Without strong and healthy families anchored by a mother and father’s holy matrimony, America doesn’t stand a chance against the socialists taking over our nation.

Lenin (the Soviet communist, not the English singer) said it himself: “[If you] destroy the family, you destroy the country.”

We used to know that.

But now I feel like my soul’s being ripped away, like I’ve been left out in the cold rain, abandoned in the Family’s greatest time of need

I feel like all that is good and wholesome in this country is falling apart, like the bulwarks of liberty I’ve helped defend for 30 years are crashing down.

And it seems no one will stand with the me anymore… Except you.

You have always been there for the Family… and for me.

I know it is impossible to give every time I ask and painful to give as much as is needed.

But, I need to know you’re still with me.

Will you sign your Renewed Commitment to the Family today?

Sign your Renewed Commitment to the Family

I have to be honest with you.

All this forces me to question my resolve.

Every day I pray that I’m doing the right thing.  That there are still enough Americans committed to the family to win in the end.

I’ve had a lot of sleepless nights and too many nightmares about what could happen if we can’t keep up the fight.

It all seems like too much to take.

But then I find strength where all devout Christians find strength.

Sunday, I sought counsel from the pastor at my church. He reminded me of scripture that helped him stay strong in these tough times.

“For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again: but the wicked shall fall into mischief.”

Anyone can lose heart for a time.

But to hold it together when all would understand if you fell apart, that’s true strength.

And true strength comes from our commitment to God.

Good will triumph and evil will succumb, but it is up to us to continue fighting.

And I have seen when we have risen to the challenge even from the worst of times.

Just last month, Kevin Jennings, Obama’s “Safe Schools Czar” and chief proponent of the Homosexual Classrooms Act was forced to resign.

We mobilized and pro-Family Americans across the nation flooded their offices with petitions, emails and phone calls.

And we stopped them.  Again.

Knowing the potential is still there in America’s heartland gives me a hope I wouldn’t survive without.

My beautiful wife, Sheila, is also a rock.

She won’t let me quit the American family.

So will you stand with us even when it seems so many are abandoning our cause?

Please sign your Renewed Commitment to the Family, today!

And I hope you’ll also include your most generous contribution to the fight for our values.

Sign your Renewed Commitment to the Family

You see, the Homosexual Lobby and its billionaire donors are flush with cash.

When Congressmen and Senators see the power and riches of the radical Homosexuals, they get tempted.  You’d be surprised how many politicians are already bought and paid for.

Do you think Senator John Cornyn will be a strong voice in opposition to the Homosexual Agenda with their grubby paws in his pockets?

And with the former Executive Director for Log Cabin Republican now running the fundraising program for the RNC…

This is exactly how they are taking over.

Sometimes it seems impossible to compete with their funds.

So along with your Renewed Commitment to the Family, I hope that you will give a generous contribution to keep us going.

Without your support and the support of your fellow pro-Family Americans, the chances are we will lose this fight.

Public Advocate’s coffers are virtually drained from the past month’s battles.

Whether it is $500, $100, $50 or even just $20, please consider continuing your support for traditional values.

While several prominent “conservatives” are selling out to the Homosexual Lobby, you and I both know that every day Americans are still committed to this fight.

So please sign your Renewed Commitment to the Family and send your most generous contribution right away.

Together, we will make it through these trying times and restore traditional values to our nation.

Thank you so much for your support.

For the Family,

Eugene Delgaudio
President, Public Advocate of the United States

P.S. Too many so-called conservatives are abandoning the fight for the Family.

The RNC has sold out to the Log Cabin Republicans, John Cornyn is at their fundraisers, and Grover Norquist is on the board of GOProud

Sometimes I feel like giving up, but then I’m reminded that we are fighting on the side of good.  And the only way evil can exist is for good men to do nothing.

So please sign your Renewed Commitment to the Family and include your most generous contribution today!

Without you, Public Advocate is nothing.

Sign your Renewed Commitment to the Family

Because Public Advocate of the U.S. is a nonprofit, charitable organization that fights the radical agenda of the Homosexual Lobby, contributions are not tax deductible for IRS purposes. This email was not produced or e-mailed at taxpayer expense. Public Advocate’s phone number is (703) 845-1808, its address is 5613 Leesburg Pike, Suite 17 Falls Church, VA 22041, and its website is

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Laurel Ramseyer

Laurel Ramseyer