A few years back  Bill Maher had a show on ABC called “Politically Incorrect” .  During that ultra sensitive period right after 9/11 when we all had to “watch what we said”,  Maher was confronted with the question, ” were the 9/11 hijackers “cowards”?   Remember back then the corporate media,  the talking heads and the politicians were all singing this bit of intellectual dishonesty in unison.   Bill Maher  being the kind of guy who would tell the emperor he “had no clothes” said, “no, they were not cowards!”  He went on to say, “anyone who would fly a plane into a building to take out their enemy is not a coward;  definitely, crazy, but not a coward!”    The uncomfortable looks his guest  at the time,  kind of  reminds  me of how the Republican candidates react during the debates when Ron Paul goes “off script” and tells the truth about our foreign policy.  Bill’s TV show was cancelled and now resides on HBO.


Joseph Goebbels is somewhere beaming with pride knowing the dark heartless  child he help spawn  is doing so well in the world these days.  After a few generations we the public react to certain cues with such predictability as to put  Pavlov’s dogs to shame.  A billionaire corporate whizkid  who declared that his job (Jobs) was to “let us know what the next thing we wanted was”,  became a national hero in the corporate media while his over prices “gadgets”  were  being made in sweat shops  by desperate people  in dark places receiving slave wages.   It’s all about controlling the narrative.
Trigger words like  “Communism“  and “Terrorism“  have brought down many a good government and good people.  These words act something like the magnetic bombs that the CIA and Mossad  stick on the side of an Iranian scientist car ;    if you can make  it  stick the target loses their humanity.

Even among self-proclaimed  Liberals the manufactured narrative that communism is anything other than total economic democracy has taken hold.    Chris Hedges (“Death of Liberalism”) detailed early labor movements before “communism” became a dirty word.   From childhood most of us have been constantly bombarded by corporate propaganda proclaiming communism as the worst evil ever visited upon humanity.   Even today most will declare,  I am not for communism,  I am more of a Democratic Socialist!

Communism (by definition) is a economic-social system where all the methods of production are owned by the government.  In this system, the people totally own and run the government;  therefore they (the people) own and run all methods of production.  In other words “totally economic democracy!”   Yes, I realize that due to the  “human condition” a system such as this will most likely never come about,  but one can still dream?
The above system would be a corporations worst nightmare!  This explains why for the last 50 years the corporate media and corporate popular culture (movies, TV, print media…) have been working 24/7  to make the word “communism”  synonymous  with evil.   Fidel Alejandro Castro and Hugo Chavez  are victims of this verbal magnetic labeling.   Millions have been put to death for making the mistake of choosing to opt out of the “free market”  (Vietnam, Latin America, …) .   Controlling the narrative.

“Kill a Commie for mommy!”

Terrorism:  something Goebbels could not imagine even in his wet dreams.    The label (Terrorist)  divests  the branded of every drop of their humanity allowing  the heartless  to have their way with them.  Hell,  at some point the “casual violence” could become so common place that late night comics like Jon Steward could get a ton of laughs every time we murder (without a trial) one of these non-human targets.   Controlling the narrative.
We seem to have moved into a place where guys like Lanny Davis repackage and resell the evils of  “old colonialism” as something, “new and improved”; Honduras, and now Libya.  Like it or not under Qaddafi the Libyan people enjoyed the highest living standards on the continent of Africa (and in most of the world):

Notice where Libya is on the “human index development ” scale:


Prof. Michel Chossudovsky take on what is in store for the people of Libya:


You see, the “old” is being repackaged and sold to us as the “new and improved!”   Using a minority of religious fanatics to overthrow a socialist government sounds a lot like old  “Charley Wilson’s War?”   The difference being then we gave them stinger missiles to rule the air;  now we provide air support for their armies of god.   Can anyone say, “blow back”?   An old colonial game,  repackaged for a new generation; controlling the narrative.