All you partisan Democrats, I am begging you to reclaim the Democratic Party for the American People. Without a healthy Democratic Party (or a viable alternative) this nation is doomed. And doomed imminently.

As the GOP has moved ever more Right the Democratic Party has done the same, to the point that today’s Republican Party is quite literally insane yet it STILL dominates the country. To the point that the Right maintained near total power even after We the People overwhelmingly elected a Progressive president and swept the GOP from elected office after the catastrophic reign of George the Worst.

Energy and The Environment are the most important issues to the nation and to the world today. If we don’t address energy and the environment nothing else matters. Nothing. Because we are literally destroying the planet we all live on. But like all important issues — health care, economic inequality, wars, civil rights — Obama and the Democrats have failed us miserably on energy and the environment since the 2008 election.

I have painfully, reluctantly come to the conclusion that Obama is a fraud who is working only for the corporatists. I was a HUGE Obama supporter in the 2008 race and I, quite frankly, stunned as what has happened to a man I thought would be the transformational president the nation desperately needed at this time of existential national crisis. I was wrong. So wrong. Obama doesn’t give one damn about average Americans or what we want. He does the bidding of his corporate masters. What possible explanation is there for Obama refusing to enact policies that are overwhelmingly popular with the American People — public option, taxing the rich, punishing the banksters, preserving the sanctity of the American social safety net — even though Obama’s positions on those issues have ruined his presidency and sent the Democratic Party careening over a cliff? Is it just a coincidence that the positions Obama takes are those favored by the plutocrats? No, it is no coincidence; it is a function of the fact that Obama is himself a plutocrat.

This is a horrible realization but it is reality and it is far better to engage it than ignore it. So I write this to propose a solution: that partisan Democrats revolt and reclaim their party from the plutocrats. It is you — and only you — who have the power.

Time to tell Obama and the iteration of the Democratic Party he presides over to go to hell. Things must change now — right now, before 2012 turns into 2016 — or the United States and the American People are ruined. The only people with the power to force the requisite change are dedicated Democrats like those commenting and reading here because Obama cannot lose you. He can’t lose you so you have power. But so long as partisan Democrats continue to support Obama no matter what he does, he will continue on his Republicrat path. If the partisan Democrats turn on Obama he will move Left. If not, he will continue Right. Simple as that.

The White House has cynically calculated that partisan Democrats will never desert Obama no matter what he does and that he is, therefore, free to move Right as much as he cares to. You have the power to make the change that is needed but it requires that you say enough is enough and that, finally, Obama and the Democrats have gone too far.