The complaints raised by the One-Percenters and their paid defenders concerning Occupy Wall Street seem to break down into the following categories:

— The Cost to the Taxpayers of All That Police Overtime (so why have a bazillion cops on hand 24/7 for a peaceful protest?)

— The Harmful Effect on Business (which as was pointed out by New York City merchants many times, is due to the utterly unnecessary police barricades and not the protesters)

— The Unsanitary Aspect (so let them have porta-potties, okay?)

There are of course other gambits — the Billy Kristol “they all hate Jews, trust me, just because I was wrong on Iraq doesn’t mean I’m lying to you now” ploy and the “they’re throwing bottles of water to each other to rinse the tear gas from their eyes so that makes them violent” ploy (a horribly sick joke now that Iraq war veteran and protester Scott Olsen lies in critical condition with head injuries due to a police-thrown flash-bang grenade) — but they’re not as important, or as likely to be believed, as the first three mentioned.

This week is likely to be the turning point. If they make it past this week, they make it into the winter — and continue to affect the narrative. Today, I was shocked to see the normally-reliably-right-wing NBC Evening News, the House that Jack Welch Built, actually do a (for them) evenhanded story on the police raid of Occupy Oakland — and follow it up with the CBO report that the incomes of America’s top 1% had nearly tripled from 1979 to 2007, whereas middle-class Americans were lucky to see 40% gains at best.

Keep your fingers crossed, folks. One way or another, one way or the other.

Phoenix Woman

Phoenix Woman