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I’m back for another edition of Things You Can Read Elsewhere [but probably didn’t and should have, so at least read the headlines, ’cause there will be a quiz, but it’s on a curve, and even if you’re GOP this is your denial list for the day, so . . . ed.]!

• We’re definitely moving toward further action by the Federal Reserve, though probably more easing and not the NGDP level targeting that’s all the rage on the wonkish left these days.

• Not much doing in Europe, as despite a deadline of tomorrow their plan to solve their banking crisis is falling apart. Howard Schneider has more. What a mess.

• The New Bottom Line takes up the attack on President Obama over the backdoor bailout of Bank of America being allowed by the Federal Reserve.

• It wasn’t just that the new senior staff hire for the Obama campaign is NPR host Michele Norris’ husband, it’s that he’s a lobbyist for the Keystone XL pipeline. This generates a lot of passion from environmentalists: 1,000 protesters welcomed President Obama to San Francisco today, telling him that “Yes You Can” stop the pipeline.

• While Oakland, CA police used rubber bullets and flash grenades to clear out Occupy Oakland, police in Albany, NY refused to do the same to shut down Occupy Albany.

• Democrats prep for the recall of Scott Walker with rallies and training sessions. Walker preps with a scheme to raise unlimited cash while the recall petition is open.

• As Obama Administration officials are grilled about the 100-troop mission against the Lord’s Resistance Army, one of the victim countries involved, Uganda, the host country for these 100 troops, reopened a debate on their “Kill the Gays” bill. You’d think an end to that bill would be a condition of Administration logistical support.

• The crack defense contractor who made the F-22 Raptor only forgot to ensure the provision of oxygen to the aircraft. Just a small oversight.

• The sniping is getting so intense in the Republican primary that some of the surrogates are starting to endorse wacky things like humane treatment of undocumented immigrants and universal health care to make their points.

• This analysis of Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital in the 80s and the go-go ethos of private equity firms is the long read of the day.

• A tentative cease-fire in Yemen. In the past these things have broken down after a few days.

• Dayton, Ohio has taken on the novel theory of believing that immigrants make an important contribution to the economy, and an American city that welcomes them will have a competitive advantage. Whaddya know, they’re right! [cont’d]

• Laura Clawson points out that the income based repayment plan, even at 10%, isn’t the greatest deal in the world because it doesn’t reduce total debt, although cutting monthly payments on the front end could mitigate defaults.

• Not just the feds: the California Housing Finance Agency is apparently foreclosing on borrowers who are current on their payments.

• The last time I heard about right-wing Ohio radio personality Bill Cunningham, he was insulting Barack Obama during the 2008 campaign. Now he’s strongly behind labor in the battle over SB 5.

• A federal judge blocked Florida’s law that forced welfare recipients to take drug tests. Incidentally, the judge was a George W. Bush appointee.

• British Prime Minister David Cameron can’t keep his caucus together over a vote to stay in the European Union. In Parliamentary democracies, this is the kind of thing that collapses governments.

• Moammar Gadhafi is out of the cold storage display at the meat store and into a secret, unmarked grave. Meanwhile, the US will try to negotiate the return of sailors buried in Libya during the war with Barbary pirates during the Jefferson Administration.

• An example of the newfound interest in Move Your Money: hundreds moved their money from Wells Fargo branches in Colorado today.

• Jay Rock wants a faster drawdown of US troops from Afghanistan.

• The Marco Rubio family history story still has some legs.

• It’s almost unfathomable how such a previously sharp company like Netflix shot themselves in the foot.

• The Herman Cain “screw you, I’m smoking because I look cool” ad really is incredible.

• I was proud to work with Richard “Tristero” Einhorn at Hullabaloo, and I’m thrilled to hear that he can, well, hear symphonies and music again, thanks to some amazing new technology.

• Amazing Northern Lights across the US last night, due to solar activity.

David Dayen

David Dayen