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Here’s your problem: if you start adding up unions and progressives and liberals and people too poor to pay income tax and people who wanna tax millionaires — wow, it’s gotta be tough to love America so much, but hate almost three-quarters of the people living in it.

– Jon Stewart

If you look at what Republicans profess to value, and how little of that they ascribe to anyone but the top 1-2% of income earners in this country, you really have to wonder how they’ve managed to attain (and retain) so much power and influence. After all, it’s not as if their policies make them the party of the majority…and yet they’ve managed to convince/propagandize millions of Americans that voting against their best interests is the way to keep America strong.

Eric Cantor’s making a career out of elevating the concerns of the Wall Street over those of Main Street. The Tea Party is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Koch Industries. Mitch McConnell’s “Job One” is making certain that Barack Obama is a one-term President. Peter King’s priority is hating Muslims. Too many “small government” Social Conservatives in Congress are primarily concerned with…wait for it…abortion and birth control. Uh, I don’t know if anyone’s noticed, but we have an economy circling the drain, unemployment hovering around 9%, and millions of Americans have given up hope of finding a job. In an economy with more than 4 unemployed people for every available job, it’s no surprise that so many have given up.

And yet Republicans continue to fiddle while Rome burns. WTF??

Jack Cluth

Jack Cluth