The World Series = the height of ignorance

There is no better example of how we the people that are
supposed to be in charge are so easily manipulated by the rich and powerful.

I wonder how many Americans realize how many taxes we pay for
the rich and powerful to attend a college or professional sporting advent.

We just witnessed our elected leaders (that are supposed to
represent you and me) on Capitol Hill reject putting a small tax on the rich to
put thousands of Americans back to work.

Very few of we the people will ever attend a World Series or a
Super Bowl game. Yet we the people are taxed to build the stadiums. We are then
again taxed through the goods we buy to pay for the salaries of the players thru
the corporate seats in the stadiums. That is just for starters. We also pay for
the corporate jets that corporate executives use to pick up their friends. They
wined and dined their friends on the way to the advent and we the people pick
up the tab.

Thank God for the Wall Street Protesters.


True American

True American